How to make acid basslines

In this video I demonstrate how to create an acid bassline with as many as 8 different synths:

This includes basic patch, full track mix tips as well as a variety of sound design variations for all subtractive synths that I own.

Yep, hard acid basslines are a commonplace in trance music and also a part of my signature sound. You can hear some in a number of releases like Valor, The Beauty of Darkness, Scythe and grab some freebies like recent 42, Jihad or Inhuman.

Hope you find this video helpful.

The Making of: Native Aliens

Warmy can into psytrance! A product, a cliche, but none the less – it turned out successful. Check out why:

The hook of this track are fast drum loops taken straight from NI West Africa, will little pattern modifications. With this kind of groove and power not much more is needed. Together with some other instruments from this Kontakt library, this stands for “natives” part.

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Warmonger – Native Aliens out now!

Finally a proper full-on psy from me, this time at popular label Aftertime Records. Commercial style, so it hits hard and would rock all the club parties… if they were not already cancelled :v Either way…

Native Aliens

The tune combines classic psybass, African drums and chants as well as classic psy patterns and my signature supersaw lead. What’s there not to like?

Listen and buy – now in all stores!


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Loudness War 002: FM Synthesis part 1

Let’s continue, shall we?

The early episodes misfired due to very bad microphone quality, but I’m still improving in both audio and video.

This episode is a retake on my presentation about FM synthesis I made almost 4 years ago. Got a lot of material ready to use and explain in some sensible matter, and part 2 is coming.


Ditching failed plugins

As much as I’m very picky when choosing plugins, everyone makes mistakes. Some of them simply didn’t pass real studio test and failed expectations. Here they are:

The Mangle – despite cool and colorful interface, as well as potential for unheard harmonic clouds, this granular synth is a chore to use. Not only is the interface split among many pages and dialing in desired amount of modulation is notoriously difficult (“drag and drop”, they said). It also tends to lose / forget loaded samples after some time, under different circumstances. The Mangle doesn’t come with suitable sample pack for granular synthesis in first place, so every time I need to search for something nice before I even get started. All in all, lots of wasted time with this one. Bye, bye.

The Mangle

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The Making of: Meteor Ride

Well, my boot drive just died, so I can’t make any music this weekend. But I can post another blog about past productions 😉

The goal was simple: Create groovy, buzzy, driving and hot tune that could hit festivals. No elaborate arrangements or sound design extravaganza – jut distort everything until it burns.  I intentionally picked simple synths, Sylenth1 and Vacuum Pro, to make simple and oldschool yet effective sounds.

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New freebie: My Little Room

“My Little Room” was originally made some years ago as a counterpart to Bliss. It’s the odd one, though, and I can’t even think of many labels that could be potentially interested in it. So I give it away for free. Luckily it already gathered great opinions from listeners, now you can enjoy it too! 🙂

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The making of Introscope

Since it’s out now for everyone to hear (and to buy, apparently), I can say a few words how this track came to life. It took incredible amount of time and effort, but was worth it.

It actually started as far as two years ago, with the rough idea to create some true hard-hitting and dark trancer with evolving structure. The title “introscope” means “device to look into yourself” – it was meant to be a journey through different emotions and states of mind.

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