Nostalgia hits

(Ambiguity in the title intended)

Recently I had to remind myself older DJ sets recorded over 10 years ago. And guess what: they’re amazing, especially when one doesn’t remember what track gems are hiding there.

So I uploaded 7 new (old) sets to Mixcloud.

2007 – 2010 Yearmixes were originally broadcast on radio. The radio appears dead now. Back when it started, it hit over 300 listeners. Good old days.

Now, the “follow-up” mixes contain all the stuff which didn’t fit in the 2-hour radioshow. These tend to be suprising and original tunes, often one-of-a-kind, spanning a wide variety of styles and genres. Definitelly worth checking.

Freebie: Warmonger – Excursion

I decided to give away this piece from last year:

An attempt at banging tech track, drawing from multiple styles – from dubstep and electro to even psy. Also features my signature uplifting lead.

Even though I put a lot of time and effort in this track, the result is less than a sum of its parts. Probably it comes from me not listening to my own adivce: If you have five great ideas, make five separate tracks. Putting too much content in a single piece makes it one hell of a mess.

I believe many people are going to enjoy this track nonetheless, but labels appear not interested. Well, better luck next time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

EOYC 2016 Contest

It’s the same time again! This time I participated in main EOYC 2016 Contest hosted on board. Hoping to win again this year and be a part of EOYC 2016 event.

The trick was that I learned about the contets only one day before it was opened for entries. Starting from nothing, I somehow still managed to make it. Still tracklist was rushed, mix – improvised and I didn’t even listen to it before upload. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Usual tech & uplifting power 8)

The game plan is as follows:

Until end of October all sets will be ready (but it will hit 50 entries limit quickly). Then, between 1st and 20th November you can listen to the sets.

Next month, between 21st and 30th November, there’s voting on boards for members. Your support will be mostly appreciated. Next day results will be revelead, based on votes and ratings from AH staff. There are 50 contestants and 20 winners, so it couldn’t be easier 😉

Oh, and check the tracklist:

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Hard-Tech Mix 2016-02-01

Enough deeps and progressives, it’s time for some serious material. Tech-trance falling into hard trance is much closer to my style 😉


01. Johann Stone – Yggdrasil (Original Mix)
02. We Are Aliens – Star Driver
03. Baseman – Planet (Mike Rodas Remix)
04. JP Bates – Quarantine (Original Mix)
05. Merc – Intermittent (Original Mix)
06. sgrA – Mass Relay (Original Mix)
07. Fonarev presents F13 – Flash In The Night (Original Mix)
08. Intra Presents Rob Dalby – Mark 34 (Original Mix)
09. Starlyte – Paradox (Yusef Kifah Remix)
10. Tranceye Presents. Skull Crusher – Acidland (Original Mix)
11. Future One – Connected (Noon & Morgan Remix)
12. Jamie Drummond – The Boneyard (Xgenic Remix)
13. Allen Watts – Fallen (Force Multipliers Remix)
14. Michael Kaelios – Rampage (Original Mix)
15. Future Antics – One Three Eight (Daniel Skyver Remix)
16. Javy X – Full Metal Sword (Original Mix)
17. Michael Kaelios – Target (Uplifting Tech Mix)
18. Silica – Emerald (Mike Sanders Remix)
19. Baseman – Climb To The Heavens (Sky Flight Tech Heaven Remix)
20. Jake Nicholls & TrickyDJ – Secrets (Krauts On Acid Remix)


EOYC 2015 mix on AH.FM

Here it is! An attempt to fit “yearmix” in just an hour. 13 tracks is absolutely not enough for me, but nevertheless people who manage to tune in in the morning enjoyed the show. Now you can all listen to the mix whenever you wish 😉


01. Fady & Mina – Kinetics (Original Mix)
02. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
03. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
04. Emanuele Congeddu & Allam – Redemeer’s Sundown (Original Mix)
05. Aeden – Violet (Neo Kekkonen Remix)
06. Adam Ellis – Culture Vulture (Vlind Remix)
07. Dreamy – Defender (Original Mix)
08. Ula – Memories (A&S Remix)
09. Martin Libsen – Ascension (Original Mix)
10. Rich Smith feat. TJ Vincent – If I Was Human (Original Mix)
11. Dark Fusion feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – I Just Close My Eyes (Sunset Remix)
12. Yusef Kifah – Nibiru (Original Mix)
13. Matt Harrison – Her Name Was Ora (Force Multipliers 303 Remix)

Other than that, I don’t plan any other yearmix. Looking forward to future opportunities for great sets 🙂

The winner can be only one

And that’s me 🙂 I won a contest hosted by and will play on Afterhours.FM during End Of Year Countdown. Exact shedule is not know yet, will post again if there is some info available.

And here’s the winner set, recorded with my XDJ-RX:


01. Imida – Hysteria (2015 Rework)
02. Skyborn – Aurora (Original Mix)
03. Manuel Le Saux – Bodhisattva (Original Mix)
04. Aeden – Piano Sonata (Original Mix)
05. Tribal Point & Eclipse – Spyware (Original Mix)
06. Yusef Kifah – Hybrid (Original Mix)
07. Lightning vs. Waveband – Dance Valley (Original Mix)
08. Ikerya Project – Zod (Original Mix)
09. James Poulton – Anodyne (Amir Hussain Remix)

It’s a huge progress since early 2006, when I took LAST place in UKTA DJ Mix contest. Someone said it takes 10 years to achieve success and I’m getting there.

Tech Trance Mix 2015-09-19

Okay, let’s keep it up! 17 tracks in just 76 minutes is kind of kickass.


01. Mark Richardson – Mekanikal (Original Mix)
02. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
03. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
04. Frank Dueffel – Adiabatic (Original Mix)
05. Icone – Luna (Skyborn Remix)
06. Frank Dueffel – Trigger (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)
07. SkyAlmost – Rome (Stephane Badey Remix)
08. Zach Zlov – Spellbound (Truenorth Remix)
09. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Snapshot
10. Mark L – Collision (Original Mix)
11. Talla 2xlc – The Spring Is My Love (Indecent Noise Remix)
12. Dreamy – Zap Cannon (Original Mix)
13. Syntouch – The Longest Journey (Unbeat Remix)
14. Driftstorm – Hypnotic Skydive (UP3 Remix)
15. Frank Dueffel – Capsaicin (Extended Mix)
16. Colin McNeil – Cloudscience (Kinetica Mix)
17. U-Mount- Princess Of The Moon (Original Mix)

I figured out how to use ambiguous function “master tempo” to mix all the tracks in key, as I like. XDJ-RX algorithm feels really good and doesn’t distort tracks like Ableton does. Now it’s time to conquer the world.