New freebie: My Little Room

“My Little Room” was originally made some years ago as a counterpart to Bliss. It’s the odd one, though, and I can’t even think of many labels that could be potentially interested in it. So I give it away for free. Luckily it already gathered great opinions from listeners, now you can enjoy it too! 🙂

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Mixed Adventures 003: Blast From The Past (Incl. Warmonger Guestmix)

Here comes the fun! Together with a friend DJ Panguyen we decided  to create a mix of dance classics.

This is the music of past days, when we were young (and beautiful). This is also how I get hooked in EDM in general. Plus, if you ever wondered how on earth I came up with a radioshow name “Dance2Trance”, now you know 😉

Too bad it’s only 1 hour long, I wish we could play like 50 or more tunes. So many hits to choose from. Ehh, getting nostalgic


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Spring Mix 2015 Classic Edition

Another one in a Spring Mix series. I’ve been doing these since the very beginning of DJing in 2006. This means 2015 edition is 10th episode in a series and deserves something special.

That’s why I went for classic mix. Everyone enjoys classics and you will do as well 🙂


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FSOE350 Poland

I just couldn’t miss the biggest ever trance festival in Poland, as well as the world’s biggest FREE event this year. 4 stages, lots of top artists, 100% trance. According to hosts, there were 15000 clubbers in there.

Check my Facebook photos and videos if you want. I’m not the best camera operator, though.

Matt Bukovski live @ FSOE350 Poland + selfie

Bryan Kearney live @ FSOE350 Poland

Arctic Moon live @ FSOE350 Poland

Manuel Le Saux vs Ferry Tayle live @ FSOE 350 Poland

I also enjoyed sets from Allen Watts, Next DJ, Neptune project and Will Atkinson. Great event overall, people from many countries with some flags that I don’t even recognize 🙂

Inverse The Universe – new tune is up!

 It took me only 3 weeks to complete this one. It’s up for everyone to listen and review, however this is not the final version. I’m hoping to improve it a little bit before sending to label. Looking froward to hear your opinions 🙂


This track is space-themed, typical trancer with a very special twist. I’m very satisfied with final melody progression It turned out very different than I planned, but for that reason it’s interesting. Also, mixdown and mastering on this one got major improvement over last tune, Primal, now finally sounds right and so professional. I think I’ll stay at these settings not to overdo it. Too much mastering can be as bad as too little. Anyway, here it is:

While composing this tune, I had quite a long list of trance classics as a reference, both old and brand new.

  • 00.db – Oxygene (Original Mix)
  • Ace Da Brain – Trinity (Liquid Mix)
  • Alexei Zakharov – Chrome (Terrafusion Remix)
  • Arksun – Arisen
  • Basic Dawn – Pure Thrust (NU-Nrg remix)
  • Bot Cipryan – Astral Breeze (Rozza Remix)
  • Davy Walker – Submerge
  • Dreamy – Akira (TrancEye Remix)
  • Elude – Purgatory (Ian Betts Mix)
  • Falkon & Fairlite – Moonfish (Samuelzone’s Damn Damage Mix)
  • Fanatic Emotions – Dance In Wonderland (Original Mix)
  • Li Kwan – Point Zero (Original Extended Mix)
  • Luke Warner & Matt Church – Perfect Dream (Big Kev Remix)
  • Santoz – Lost Segment (Original Mix)
  • Steve Bengaln – Correlation (Classic Mix)
  • Substorm – Arashi (Moonrising Club Mix)
  • The Thrillseekers – New Life (Lange Mix)
  • Trance Arts – Human Spirit (Original Mix)
  • Witness Of Wonder – Emotions In Motion (Original Mix)
  • ZirenZ – Edge of Space (Whiteroom Remix)
  • Brisky – Celestial (Original Mix)

Just give them a try if you didn’t already. Tons of awesome tunes. Most of them share this empty, unreal space feel. There are also some more melodic tracks to keep things interesting. Finally I ended up somewhere between Santoz- Lost Segment and Basic dawn – Pure Thrust, I think, but with modern elements such as drastic drops and groovy percussion. Still, just a month ago I had no idea where this tune will end up. It was quite an interesting experience to hear amazing melody arising from random chord manipulations. Hopefully the result will be memorable and successful.

I already plan the next production, still staying in the outer space. The track will be called Moonspeak and the title is meaningful here. I tell you that because it always is, in fact. Expect the unexpected (:

Warmonger – Nice is ready

My third track is finished and ready to play 🙂 Now I’m trying to promote it and get the tune signed. This is not easy at all.

When making this, I tried to follow a number of good old trance classics. In fact, I always do and always end up somewhere else, but this time the outcome is exactly as expected. These tunes inspired me in particular:

Ace Da Brain – Magic Waters
Ace Da Brain – Trinity (Aerial mix)
Cape Town – Proglifter
First State – First State
Gouryella – Ligaya
New Energy – Take Your Air (Nu-Nrg Extended Mix)
The Quest – C Sharp

So, only the big and the biggest hits 😉 Let me know if you can recognize familiar sounds.

As a wannabe audio engineer, I try to do everything myself – including Supersaw 2 synth used in several places. Another topic is mastering. If you compare 2012 sound with 2003-2006, you will notice huge difference. Tunes back then were clearer. Nowdays they are just over the top and, while everything has massive bang-bang bassline, melody got lost in favour of smashing and overcompressed beats. I would like to keep stuff harmonic and balanced, though.

In the end, Ace da Brain had totaly screwed mastering and audio quality, but his tunes are all-time classics. It is melody and flow that matter and the rhytm itself won’t make tune out of few random bass synths.

What are the plans for next?

Once i sorted out pretty much all aspects of tune composition, that is bassline (!), melody, percussion, flow, FX and mastering, I can do that with every next track. And I will do 🙂 Wish me luck.