Live While You Can EP – Preview

Thanks to Technomind music 🙂

A-side: oldschool cookie-cutter uplifter.

B-side: driving, banging and buzzy.

Uplifting EP coming on March 8th!

“France” remix coming on February 8th, “Ancient Dreams” on February 11th. Already available exclusively on Beatport:

The making of Introscope

Since it’s out now for everyone to hear (and to buy, apparently), I can say a few words how this track came to life. It took incredible amount of time and effort, but was worth it.

It actually started as far as two years ago, with the rough idea to create some true hard-hitting and dark trancer with evolving structure. The title “introscope” means “device to look into yourself” – it was meant to be a journey through different emotions and states of mind.

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Introscope / Starvation now in all stores

Here comes EP! Check them out, lots of banging trance with strong motiffs and driving acid riffs. Oh, and these are original – not common nowdays.

Introscope Starvation EP


Grab them now!

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Hard-Tech Mix 2016-02-01

Enough deeps and progressives, it’s time for some serious material. Tech-trance falling into hard trance is much closer to my style 😉


01. Johann Stone – Yggdrasil (Original Mix)
02. We Are Aliens – Star Driver
03. Baseman – Planet (Mike Rodas Remix)
04. JP Bates – Quarantine (Original Mix)
05. Merc – Intermittent (Original Mix)
06. sgrA – Mass Relay (Original Mix)
07. Fonarev presents F13 – Flash In The Night (Original Mix)
08. Intra Presents Rob Dalby – Mark 34 (Original Mix)
09. Starlyte – Paradox (Yusef Kifah Remix)
10. Tranceye Presents. Skull Crusher – Acidland (Original Mix)
11. Future One – Connected (Noon & Morgan Remix)
12. Jamie Drummond – The Boneyard (Xgenic Remix)
13. Allen Watts – Fallen (Force Multipliers Remix)
14. Michael Kaelios – Rampage (Original Mix)
15. Future Antics – One Three Eight (Daniel Skyver Remix)
16. Javy X – Full Metal Sword (Original Mix)
17. Michael Kaelios – Target (Uplifting Tech Mix)
18. Silica – Emerald (Mike Sanders Remix)
19. Baseman – Climb To The Heavens (Sky Flight Tech Heaven Remix)
20. Jake Nicholls & TrickyDJ – Secrets (Krauts On Acid Remix)


Sky Sound – Stairway To Heaven (Warmonger Remix)

This is the remix for competition hosted by D.MAX Recordings. Simple and straightforward, big and banging.

I made it quite a while ago. Since that entry I learned quite a lot about mixdown and mastering, then decided to rework it. This is brand new version I’m proud of.

Ahh, and it’s free for download, enjoy!

Probably the last tune I’m going to share it in foreseeable future.