New freebie: My Little Room

“My Little Room” was originally made some years ago as a counterpart to Bliss. It’s the odd one, though, and I can’t even think of many labels that could be potentially interested in it. So I give it away for free. Luckily it already gathered great opinions from listeners, now you can enjoy it too! ๐Ÿ™‚

The track is, as usual, a merge of several classic tunes – in particular dark trance tracks from the past, very popular back in 2000s. It’s hard to find any nowdays, unfortunatelly. Anyway, I combined this awesome tune:

With this

Since then I used these simple but catchy “Bach arpeggions” in several different tracks, including Forever Underground and Rompasso – Angenetar remix.

While the intro is taken from this:

I literally used Ableton’s “extract drums” function to get this pattern. While the results tend to be very unpredictable and require lots of tweaking, it’s a great way to create complex sequences out of thin air.

…all of this resulting in a trash pile of ideas with arrangement problems. Surely I would do it differently today, but we all learn ๐Ÿ˜‰

The meaning of the title is quite obvious, I hope – It’s against all this “big room” crap that’s been tormenting us in recent years. Enjoy the darkness.

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