The Making of: Suntasia Remix

Today let’s take a closer look on Remix of Suntasia by known Marce De Buur, for a request of my home label Tecnomind Music.

Luckily the remix request came soon after lockdown in Poland. My company sent everyone for (paid) vacation so I had a couple of extra weeks I could spend on anything – of course the best option was to make some music. So I sat down and worked every day, finishing it in about three weeks. Which is quick related to normal release schedule – been waiting months for other remixers to complete their task 😛

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Supercontinuum out now!

Double hit this week. Now, Supercontinuum is my first single that got remixes from other artists. Check this beautiful progressive / melodic / pure / epic trance on Tecnomind Music.



Now, this is an interesting production for many reasons. I will tell all the story behind it in another blog post.

Dreams of Grandeur double EP

Long time no update.
But now I’m back with another double EP!

Dreams of Grandeur Inverse Universe EP

Double trance EP with different tunes that have one thing in common – unusual composition using exotic key changes.

Available now in the Internet near you:

Inverse Universe 2018 is actually a rework of my old tune from 2013, with little changes in composition but day and night difference in quality.

Dreams of Grandeur is an idea I’ve had stuck in my head for years… done completely different.

I also got quite positive opinions about this EP. Suprisingly more people appreciated the unusual key changes rather than didn’t like it. So there’s a room for experimentation in trance, too!

As usual, I’ll discuss every track from this EP in separate article. In the meantime, enjoy!

Top 20’14 countdown mix

Here it is. 20 favourite tracks from 2014.


20. Tranceangel feat. Damian Dziechciar – Nobody Looking (Original Mix)
19. Changes – Obedience (Original Mix)
18. Ikerya Project – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Original Mix)
17. Robbie Seed feat. Ai Takekawa – Illusion (Onova Vocal Remix)
16. Borealnight – Majestic (tranzLift Remix)
15. Matt Bukovski & Geert Huinink – Fields Of Forever (Original Mix)
14. French Skies – Invictus (Original Mix)
13. tranzLift – City of the Gods (Original Mix)
12. New World – Giver of Life (Original Mix)
11. Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef – Laily (Photographer Remix)
10. Ascania – Symbiosis (Original Mix)
09. Philippe El Sisi feat. Sarah Lynn – Look Above (Original Mix)
08. Daniel Skyver – Landslide (Original Mix)
07. Allen & Envy with Sarah Lynn – Save Your Last Breath (Original Mix)
06. Michael Retouch – When The Angels Cry (Original Mix)
05. Dreamy & Ikerya Project – Bahamut (Original Mix)
04. RAM & Stine Grove – RAMore (Original Mix)
03. Frank Dattilo – Armageddon (Emanuele Congeddu Remix)
02. Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra – Way Of Light (Original Trance Mix)
01. Sound Apparel – Dream (Original Mix)

I always played 20 tracks over 2 hours. But now with better mixing technique, the set turned out much shorter. I think I’ll need to change formula next year as it’s not as cool now at it used to be.

Dance2Trance (Episode 023) 03.12.2014


01. Stephane Badey – Mirror Minds (Original Mix)
02. Memory Loss ft. Eli – Ataraxy (ReOrder Remix)
03. Witness45 – Heavenly Hundred (Original Mix)
04. Psymfonius – Extatic (Tensile Force Remix)
05. Alexey Ryasnyansky – Flight in Abyss (Unbeat Remix)
06. Alter Future – October 3rd (Original Mix)
07. E.T Project – The Dream (Original Mix)
08. Burak Harsitlioglu – Twister (Original Mix)
09. Andy Elliass – Change (Joze Linecker Remix)
10. Dreamy – Everything Is Possible (Kinetica Remix)
11. Etasonic – Restless Night (Michael Flint Remix)
12. Triumvirate – Nostalgic Echo (Rhythmsport Remix)
13. Classic: System F feat. Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Original)

Dance2Trance (Episode 022) 26.11.2014

Here it is. Such trance!

01. James McGuire – Vanilla Skies (Original Mix)
02. Tuneflux – Reach (Original Mix)
03. U-Mount – Challenge Accepted (Original Mix)
04. Behind The Sunset – Actus Secundus (Reiklavik Remix)
05. Etasonic – Orphea (Jesper Olesen’s Shredded Remix)
06. Amos ft. Sarah Jane Neild – It Happens (Steve Morley Remix)
07. Tuneflux – Redemption (Original Mix)
08. Alpha Duo ft. Tiff Lacey – The One (Original Mix)
09. Ula – Chidori (E.T Project Remix)
10. Fady & Mina ft. Romi Cage – Don’t Wait (Original Mix)
11. Omar Essa – Volantis (Original Mix)
12. William P – Strategic (French Skies Tech Remix)
13. Classic: Kai Tracid – Conscious (Energy Mix)

It’s also good to know that Audacity FM slowly attracts some listeners. We will grow strong!

Dance2Trance (Episode 016) 15.10.2014

Another episode, very uplifting. Enjoy!

01. Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra – Way Of Light (Original Trance Mix)
02. Space Raven – Letter To The Ones In Pain (Original Mix)
03. Mike van Fabio & Cherry – Sharpshooter (Original Mix)
04. Odonbat – Robot May Cry (Robbie Seed Remix)
05. ReOrder – Arrakis (Original Mix)
06. Nu-NRG – Dreamland (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
07. Nago & Radianth – Aurorise (Original Mix)
08. Mike Shiver feat. Shannon Hurley – A Little Rain (Allen & Envy Remix)
09. Space Raven – The Story Untold (Original Tracid Theory Mix)
10. tranzLift – City of the Gods (Original Mix)
11. Anatoliy Frolov – Start Again (Michael Retouch Remix)
12. Classic: G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon (Nu-NRG Remix)

Dance2Trance (Episode 012) 17.09.2014

01. DeepUniverse & Blue Wings – Bring Back Your Sun (Dima Krasnik Instrumental Remix)
02. Allen & Envy & Allen Watts – Kardia
03. Alex M.O.R.P.H – Walk The Edge (Phil Parry Rework)
04. tranzLift – Neverending Love (Diverted 100 Anthem)
05. Scenica – Aurora (Kinetica Remix)
06. Matt Eray – Pistol Star (Original Mix)
07. Active Visions – Smile
08. Steve Morley – Phoenix Rising (James Williams Remix)
09. Liam Wilson – The Speed Of Design (Allan Morrow Remix)
10. TrancEye – Diverted Music (Original Mix)
11. Johan Ekman – Sucker Punch (Original Mix)
12. BluEye – Time Is Ticking Away (Jose Solis Remix)
13. Classic: DJ Foggy – Come Into My Dream

Here it is. I like how easy it gets to build a set from seemingly uprepared library. Too bad there are not many listeners who could appreciate this mix.

Still, the very few who got this chance keep coming back for more. This is what really counts!

Full On Epic promo mix

Here it is!



The word “epic” has been abused recently. Now it’s almost as popular as “cool” was when I was young. People use it to describe anything that’s good. Luckily the term “epic trance” still functions with its own, primary meaning.

Epic trance – spectacular and breathtaking. Orchestral, symphonic, instrumental. Anthem breakdowns. Strings. Powerful leads. Opera arias and beautiful pianos. Also, acoustic instruments. They’re all in here.

Now, enjoy the mix.


01. Kai Engel – Calls and Echoes
02. Gomer Edwin Evans – The Portal to Inner Peace (Original Mix)
03. Aeden – Apple Seed (Rain Sonata Remix)
04. Tranceangel feat. Damian Dziechciar – Nobody Looking (Original Mix)
05. Sebastian Brushwood – Oceania (Original Mix)
06. The Cloudy Day – Aurora (Original Mix)
07. SoundLift – Freedom (Afternova Remix)
08. Michael Retouch feat. Beatsole – Brilliant Sunrise (Haig & Raffi Remix)
09. Dreamy – Overflow (Original Mix)
10. Laker – Breathing (Original Mix)
11. Simon O’Shine – Wuthering Heights (Original Mix)
12. Suplifth – Victory (Emotional Mix)
13. Vash & Solaris – Divinity (Behind The Sunset Remix)
14. Sunset Heat – Hearts of Iron (Original Mix)
15. Catching Dreams – Theme From Movie Perfume
16. Michael Retouch – When The Angels Cry (Original Mix)
17. Ahmed Romel – Victory (Original Mix)
18. Bluefire – Dreamnasia (Photographer Remix)
19. Amos feat. Somna – Riser (Amos & Riot Night Remix)
20. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio – The Kingdom (Original Epic Mix)
21. E.T Project – Fallout (Original Mix)
22. Essonita feat. Irina Makosh – Don’t Try To Love Me (Dreamy Vocal Mix)
23. Warmonger – Applied Magic (Original Mix)
24. Sebastian Brushwood – Kashya (Original Mix)
25. Avenger – Orca (New World Intro Mix Remaster)
26. Emanuele Congeddu & 4Seas – Butterfly Effect (Original Mix)

Download from 4shared

On a personal note, I find this set a big achievement. It took me a while to complete the tracklist to get the right flow and completely matched keys. I used my recent mixing setup to ensure the flow is as smooth as possible. It’s good to feel every next mix is getting better. i hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Spring Mix is coming on March 22, as always. In the meantime I want to finish Woven Drops remix, which is almost done but I can’t find the time for it all. But it’s coming sooner or later.

Sooner than later.