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Starvation [Appointed Recordings] (2017)
Introscope [Appointed Recordings] (2017)
Convergence [Speedsound] (2017)


Dreams of Grandeur (TBA)
My Little Room (2016)
Bliss (2016)
Applied Magic (2014)
Moonspeak (2013)
Inverse The Universe (2013)
Primal (2013)
Spread (2011)


James Lass – ID (Warmonger Remix) (TBA)
Nordic Coast – Sunrise In Brisbane (Warmonger Remix) (2017)
Indecent Noise – Dolores (Warmonger Remix) (TBA)
Enfortro – We Came To Conquer (Warmonger Remix) (2017)
Symbion Project – Beekeeper’s Muse (Warmonger Remix) (2016)
Rompasso – Angetenar (Warmonger Remix) (2016)
Kamille Louis – Still Waiting (Warmonger Remix) (2016)
Andy Groove – Impellent (Warmonger Remix) (2016)
Ruska – Saimaa (Warmonger Remix) [Black Lemon] (2016)
Sky Sound – Stairway To Heaven (Warmonger Remix) (2015)
Ocean Star Empire – Woven Drops (Warmonger Remix 3rd edit) (2014)

Rework / Bootleg

Jurgen Vries – The Theme (Warmonger 2015 Rework) (2015)


Steve Birch feat Marcie vs Vicky Devine and Elude vs Ian Betts – Edge of The Purgatory (Warmonger Mashup)  (2007)
Flux vs Vincent De Moor – Hesitation Stone 2007 (Warmonger mashup) (2007)

Freebies & others

Resistance (2016)
Forever Underground (Music contest finalist) (2015)
Casting Shadows (2015)
Green Energy (2015)
Investigations (2014)
Nice (2013)
Aquanos Theme Rework (Dungeon Defenders music contest entry) (2012)
Kraken (2012)


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