Green energy – free track giveaway

Here is the deal: help me reach 50 followers on either Soundcloud or Facebook and this oldschool upliter will be free for download. Just subscribe and wait till I hit the counter.

Green Energy is in fact tribute to Nu-NRG duo and which recreates their style and signature sounds. Also I added some modern twists to this otherwise oldschool uplifter.

I finished this track some months ago. It’s already rocking on, but now I know I can do better.

This is becausec recently I finished first (of many planned) reworks, which is Jurgen Vries – The Theme. Will probably share it someday as well, but for now it’s a secret. Know that it kicks ass. Stay tuned for more! is alive and plays my tracks radio was relaunched. It now plays only singles, including unsigned tracks. It will also play some of my recent productions, so you get a chance to hear them on the radio. Also, for now it’s the only way you can hear full version of Green Energy 😉

For those of you who don’t know, used to be quite popular radio broadcasting DJ shows, inluding my Dance2Trance show last year. Not sure where it’s going now, but nonetheless it’s always a chance to get larger audience.

Good luck EDMCentral!

Dance2Trance (Episode 018) 29.10.2014 + some news

This is the latest episode of D2T radioshow:

01. Amos feat. Sarah Jane Neild – It Happens (Mike Rodas Remix)
02. Rene Ablaze – Trance Essentials (Dreamy Remix)
03. Mosahar – What If (Dreamy Remix)
04. Enigma – Titan (Original Mix)
05. Another World – Holding The Sun (Sunset Heat Remix)
06. Mike Septima – Ronin (Martin Libsen Remix)
07. Abandoned Rainbow – Forgotten Dreamer (Original Mix)
08. Solis & Sean Truby – Strength To Strength (Original Mix)
09. Aly & Fila with SkyPatrol feat. Sue McLaren – Running (Extended Mix)
10. Mark L – Black Mamba (Matt Skyer Remix)
11. Ula – Summer Nights (Kinetica Remix)
12. Lucas Deyong – Reflection (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston – Beachbreeze (Original Vocal Mix)

The news are that is closing this weekend. So I hook up to another station, which is Audacity FM. This is completely new station, which means it has no followers yet, but on the other hand gives good opportunity for a good start without wrong management decisions. The show will be aired at the same time as before.

Dance2Trance (Episode 017) 22.10.2014

Coming back with regular stuff – tech, uplifting and some catchy vocals. Still, this episode turned out a little bit weird – not really sure why.

Also, it’s the world premiere of my latest track, Investigations. I absolutely want this to be signed, to one label or another.

01. Crystal Blakk – Into The Blue (Ollie Jaye & Nick Rowland Remix)
02. Binary Finary – Forever Neon (Frank Dueffel Remix)
03. Vlind – Democracy (Original Mix)
04. Akku – Fire In Your Tears (Dreamy Energetic Remix)
05. Jonathan Carvajal & Andres Sanchez – Teardrops (Original Mix)
06. BluSkay & KeyPlayer – Melancholia (Kinetica Remix)
07. Audrey Gallagher, Solis & Sean Truby – Skin Deep (Standerwick Remix)
08. Rank 1 – Airwave (Angel Ace 2014 Rework)
09. Warmonger – Investigations (2nd Mix)
10. Miroslav Vrlik – The Gift (Cold Rush Remix)
11. Curtis Young – From Behind (Matt Skyer Remix)
12. Ikerya Project – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Moogwai – Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix)

Dance2Trance (Episode 016) 15.10.2014

Another episode, very uplifting. Enjoy!

01. Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra – Way Of Light (Original Trance Mix)
02. Space Raven – Letter To The Ones In Pain (Original Mix)
03. Mike van Fabio & Cherry – Sharpshooter (Original Mix)
04. Odonbat – Robot May Cry (Robbie Seed Remix)
05. ReOrder – Arrakis (Original Mix)
06. Nu-NRG – Dreamland (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
07. Nago & Radianth – Aurorise (Original Mix)
08. Mike Shiver feat. Shannon Hurley – A Little Rain (Allen & Envy Remix)
09. Space Raven – The Story Untold (Original Tracid Theory Mix)
10. tranzLift – City of the Gods (Original Mix)
11. Anatoliy Frolov – Start Again (Michael Retouch Remix)
12. Classic: G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon (Nu-NRG Remix)

Dance2Trance (Episode 015) 08.10.2014

Another episode, this week very trancy and melodic.

01. Lostly – Piece Of Me (Original Mix)
02. Dark Air – Polymorph (Original Mix)
03. Ikerya Project – Lifted
04. CJ Seven – Julia (Blueye Remix)
05. Max Graham vs Maarten De Jong – Lekker (ReOrder Remix)
06. Vitaly Otto – Collapsar (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)
07. Steve Morley – Phoenix Rising (Original Mix)
08. Alex Wackii – Ode To Felix (Ikerya Project Remix)
09. Scenica – Aurora (Fredd Moz Remix)
10. Gelardi – Back To The Days (Original Mix)
11. O.B.M Notion – A Virtual Flight (Original Mix)
12. Philler Music – Lost World (4 Seas Remix)
13. Classic: Ian Van Dahl – Try (Alphazone Remix)

Getting mixes done is an easy part. The hard part is to promote them as well as the radioshow. Learning it every week.

Dance2Trance (Episode 014) 01.10.2014

Who’s afraid of 148?

01. Blue Sense – Ionisation Blackout (Original Mix)
02. Federation – Be There (Darren Porter Remix)
03. Matt Eray – Fictive Five (Original Mix)
04. Firestorm – Mjolnir (Original Mix)
05. Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell – Airfoil (Standerwick Remix)
06. Photographer – Rebound (Original Mix)
07. Paul Webster – Hold On (Quest 4 Trance Beach Anthem 2014)
08. Etasonic Vs. Laucco – Someone Like You (Emanuele Congeddu’s Epic Take)
09. Vitaly Otto – Exciting (Vitaly Otto’14 Rework)
10. E.T Project – Free (2014 Reworked)
11. Chris Raynor – Kepler (Original Mix)
12. Space Raven vs. S.H.O.K.K. – Golden Years (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Technikal Remix)

Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t play any hard house for a while, but here it is. Overall I’m very satisfied with the mix – starts with tech, then goes melodic and uplifting, finally hard trance. Just like back in the old days, but now it’s all in key and custom mixer setup. Enjoy.