How to make acid basslines

In this video I demonstrate how to create an acid bassline with as many as 8 different synths:

This includes basic patch, full track mix tips as well as a variety of sound design variations for all subtractive synths that I own.

Yep, hard acid basslines are a commonplace in trance music and also a part of my signature sound. You can hear some in a number of releases like Valor, The Beauty of Darkness, Scythe and grab some freebies like recent 42, Jihad or Inhuman.

Hope you find this video helpful.

Volume Compensation

An important topic and indispensable part of my workflow. You shouldn’t just turn anything on if it’s making teh sound louder, but not better. Gain staging is also mentioned.

The channel is finally growing and people stay watching videos for much longer. I think this is going somewhere!