More releases coming

Realease early, release often.

On February 12th lands a new melodic psytrance called Best of Million Worlds. Some strong motiffs and strong psy vibes as well, thanks to familiar label Aftertime Records.

Then, on March 19 you’ll get a chance to grab and listen to Scythe, atmospheric dark uplifter with smooth, flowing progression. Courtesy of Mindlifting Bundles.

Three months, three premieres. 2021 starts off great!

The Making of: Native Aliens

Warmy can into psytrance! A product, a cliche, but none the less – it turned out successful. Check out why:

The hook of this track are fast drum loops taken straight from NI West Africa, will little pattern modifications. With this kind of groove and power not much more is needed. Together with some other instruments from this Kontakt library, this stands for “natives” part.

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Warmonger – Native Aliens out now!

Finally a proper full-on psy from me, this time at popular label Aftertime Records. Commercial style, so it hits hard and would rock all the club parties… if they were not already cancelled :v Either way…

Native Aliens

The tune combines classic psybass, African drums and chants as well as classic psy patterns and my signature supersaw lead. What’s there not to like?

Listen and buy – now in all stores!


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Conquering all frontiers

Two different tracks are coming just in March. Different labels, different styles. One thing in common – it’s awesome trance.

First, Native Aliens is full-on commercial psy that hits hard. Because I wanted to make something typical for once. Coming on March 16 at Aftertime Records run by Leo Itskovich.

Native AliensSupercontinuum

Supercontinuum is a progressive / epic trance tune with elaborate composition utilizing AI as well as exotic synth selection. It was supposed to be many things, but eventually style feels much like Solarstone. Probably the most easy-listening track from me yet.

Featuring two remixes, coming on March 20th at my home label Tecnomind Music.

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Loudness War 002: FM Synthesis part 1

Let’s continue, shall we?

The early episodes misfired due to very bad microphone quality, but I’m still improving in both audio and video.

This episode is a retake on my presentation about FM synthesis I made almost 4 years ago. Got a lot of material ready to use and explain in some sensible matter, and part 2 is coming.


Freebie: Warmonger – Excursion

I decided to give away this piece from last year:

An attempt at banging tech track, drawing from multiple styles – from dubstep and electro to even psy. Also features my signature uplifting lead.

Even though I put a lot of time and effort in this track, the result is less than a sum of its parts. Probably it comes from me not listening to my own adivce: If you have five great ideas, make five separate tracks. Putting too much content in a single piece makes it one hell of a mess.

I believe many people are going to enjoy this track nonetheless, but labels appear not interested. Well, better luck next time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

John Fisherman – Mirage Remix

Another track. In fact the only one finished this year. It’s pretty ususual both for me and for progressive genre as a whole. How did it come to live? Well, it ticks many boxes:

  • Sometime this year I felt strong in mix / mastering, and wanted to try if I can make quality sounds out of anything.
  • I’ve got Live 10 and wanted to test drive it, using mostly (if not only) sounds it provides.
  • There was a remix contest hosted by Exia Recordings, who were looking for heavy genres: deep / progressive house, psy and techno among others.
  • I need quality stuff for showcase, that covers many different styles.

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