Convergence is out!

Today my humble discography doubled in size ūüėČ It’s the first solo single released on Speedsound label, available in stores all around the Internet.

Convergence cover 300 x 300

Juno (better preview)

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Psytrance Mix 2017-02-04

Didn’t record anything for a while, here it is. Full-on psytrance, banging tracks and weird stuff.

Despite I spent quite some time picking these tracks, each of them seems to be mastered completely different. It is very difficult to make consistent¬†transitions with weird material like that live. Or I’m just getting old. At least a lot is going on in this set, maybe that’s an advantage for you?

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Casting Shadows (2016 Mix)

Here’s the rework of my most popular track yet (338 till date). It’s free for download, enjoy!

Original was made in just 3 days and it worked pretty well in terms of arrangement. Looks like I need to try quick production again sometimes.

However, I needed to improve technical aspect of production – mixdown and mastering. I take my time to analyze reference tracks and figure out how they are made and how to reproduce their quality. It’s like a puzzle – fix one thing only to find out two others got broken in the process. You can’t learn a thing not doing it,¬†though.

I think it’s better to practice on older (free) productions that start new projects which won’t be good enough anyway. It might still take a while before I move on to new productions, but it pays back unlike rushing new tracks.

Psytrance Mix 2016-06-05

Back to DJing!

I wanted to finally make full-on psytrance mix. This one turned out to be dark still, but it goes all the way up to 148 BPM. Who’s afraid of 148?


01. Sine Eye – Orient Express (Original Mix)
02. Sideform- Digital Fortress (Original Mix)
03. Vertical Mode – Time Code
04. James Dymond – Samples Of Silk (Activa Remix)
05. Planet 6 – Fata Morgana
06. Ovnimoon vs. Middle Mode – Izolan (Wizack Twizack Remix)
07. Freaked Frequency & Galactic Jungle – Topina (Original Mix)
08. Moon Tripper – Abundance (Original Mix)
09. Yahel – Dawn Rises (Original Mix)
10. Kessler & Mazzar – Crow (Original Mix)
11. Kessler – Jupiter
12. Materia, Waio – Collision (Original Mix)
13. Anatomic – Boom Satya (Original Mix)
14. Marian Closca Pres. Cybernetic Core – Human Puzzle (Original Mix)
15. Ex-Gen – Zombification (Tetrikal Rmx)
16. Obliviant – DJ Wh1pla$h
17. Theseus – Project 13 (Original Mix)

It was an interesting experience, simplicity and¬†irregular¬†structure of psytrance gives a lot of room for improvisation… such as cutting track in the half, no one will notice.

I might do another psy mix. With my workflow it takes many more times to complete a tracklist than to actually mix the tracks, and there are dozens of them still waiting. We will see.

Psytrance work in progress

Hey, I didn’t post any track in a long time. It doesn’t mean they are not coming, just I’m trying not to reveal too much. To prove I’m still alive, here’s a short snippet from my full-on psytrance attempt.

I think I got it – it’s trippy but also getting more psy-ish with all these weird squelches in the background. Also trying hard to break the loop symmetry.

Most of stuff in this demo is done with Ableton Operator. Some sounds also come from my new purchase Harmor – which will get separate post once I examine it inside-out.

Psytrance Mix 2015-10-13

Another showcase of my diverse repertoire ;). This time probably the most psy-oriented mix ever. Certainly dark and progressive. Starts as slow as 134 BPM, which should be suitable for women with children and elderly people. Just kidding, I would like to play full-on psytrance at 140+ someday.

And yes, it features Simon O’Shine. You can never know.


01. Simon O’Shine – Nuummite (Original Mix)
02. Danny JW – Guardian (Original Mix)
03. Gaudium & Bakke – Therapy Comedown
04. Chris Oblivion – I Have A Black Dog (Original Mix)
05. Fire Starter & Tagtra3umer – Humanism
06. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Human Brain
07. Arctika – Like a Dream (Metronome Remix)
08. Gaudium, Easy Riders – High on Lucy (Original Mix)
09. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Teleport (Album Mix)
10. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Time Travel
11. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Native Wisdom
12. Activa – Magnetic (James Dymond Remix)
13. Magnus – Satin (Original Mix)
14. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Song For The Sun
15. Open Source – Too Weird To Live
16. Pavel Tkachev – XSyon (Original Mix)

Tech Trance Mix 2015-09-19

Okay, let’s keep it up! 17 tracks in just 76 minutes is kind of kickass.


01. Mark Richardson – Mekanikal (Original Mix)
02. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
03. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
04. Frank Dueffel – Adiabatic (Original Mix)
05. Icone – Luna (Skyborn Remix)
06. Frank Dueffel – Trigger (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)
07. SkyAlmost – Rome (Stephane Badey Remix)
08. Zach Zlov – Spellbound (Truenorth Remix)
09. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Snapshot
10. Mark L – Collision (Original Mix)
11. Talla 2xlc – The Spring Is My Love (Indecent Noise Remix)
12. Dreamy – Zap Cannon (Original Mix)
13. Syntouch – The Longest Journey (Unbeat Remix)
14. Driftstorm – Hypnotic Skydive (UP3 Remix)
15. Frank Dueffel – Capsaicin (Extended Mix)
16. Colin McNeil – Cloudscience (Kinetica Mix)
17. U-Mount- Princess Of The Moon (Original Mix)

I figured out how to use ambiguous function “master tempo” to mix all the tracks in key, as I like. XDJ-RX algorithm feels really good and doesn’t distort tracks like¬†Ableton does. Now it’s time to conquer the world.