The making of Introscope

Since it’s out now for everyone to hear (and to buy, apparently), I can say a few words how this track came to life. It took incredible amount of time and effort, but was worth it.

It actually started as far as two years ago, with the rough idea to create some true hard-hitting and dark trancer with evolving structure. The title “introscope” means “device to look into yourself” – it was meant to be a journey through different emotions and states of mind.

So I created a bunch of different sounds (especially this killer sync-acid) and progressions, but couldn’t really get it all together. It was all fun and games with synthesis tricks (I had Sylenth1, Dune 2 and Serum and that time), but the result seemed to be a bunch of disjointed ideas that could hardly fit in one composition.  Today I’d keep it much simpler and remove at least one part.

So this year I came back to the project and reached for proven ideas, which are classics. In particular, I picked some motiffs and arrangement tricks from Santoz – Lost Segment, then adapted to what I already had.

Now you could think they sound nothing alike, and that wasn’t my intention by any means. In particular, there is no acid riff in Lost Segment – but that’s a must in modern club killers and in fact the first idea I started with.

Then comes the mixdown. From the beginning I knew it can be a bomb, but again – couldn’t get everything right. It really took me months to test multiple versions and send them to 20 labels I think before it got accepted. In the meantime a few different productions were finished and one even released.

Now, just a few days after it came out, I bought iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced – a revolutionary AI-based master assistant, but not only. Just for trial I ran both EP tracks, already mixed to death, through it. It brought only maybe 5% improvement, but did the trick and EP was accepted by next label I sent it to – Appointed Recordings. Again, they kept listeing to Soundcloud demos muliple times for maybe 10 days – couldn’t sleep because of that.

But now it’s out and certainly more tracks will come out in the future. I’m already preparing a remix for a request, and it’s only the beginning.

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