Tracktion F.’em synth review

Posting this overdue review of F.’em – FM synth from Tracktion, which seemingly went under the radar.

It’s a very nice synth with a lot of advantages and features useful in FM synthesis. It’s not perfect, though.

Anyway, it’s the new tool of trade for me.

Volume Compensation

An important topic and indispensable part of my workflow. You shouldn’t just turn anything on if it’s making teh sound louder, but not better. Gain staging is also mentioned.

The channel is finally growing and people stay watching videos for much longer. I think this is going somewhere!

The Making of: Full Moon Remix

The remix of “Full Moon” by Matthias Bishop got quite some range and positive feedback. It was also an occasion to record a video about sound design for this track. The video is my most popular episode on Youtube by far, go check it out:

Recorded back in the summer, recently edited with great (and free!) DaVinci Resolve 16. That certainly is quite an advancement since early episodes, but I won’t stop here!

The Video features Reaktor Blocks, now with awesome Toybox expansion which suddenly became my favourite tools of trade. Feels nice to use, looks great, but most importantly, sounds gorgeous. Indeed there’s something about all these “analog” and analog emulations.

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Freebie: Warmonger – Inhuman

Merry Christmas everyone! There’s a present for all of you year – whether you’ve been nice or not, it’s gonna hit you.

Download from Soundcloud ^

Or, there’s an animated version on Youtube. It’s important to be on Youtube nowdays.

It’s one of my leftover unsigned tracks, that none the less has some charm to it. Prominent synths, many catchy motiffs and lots of bang.

Gullfoss review in practical tests

Loudness War channel is back! This time I made a walkthrough for a Gullfoss automatic EQ against a number of common sound types.

More will be coming. With decent recording setup and state of art video editing software – DaVinci Resolve Free – I can quite easily create a plenty of videos in resonable time.