Marc De Buur – Suntasia (Warmonger Remix) out now!

Uplifting, banging, with beautiful break. A little of awesome for everyone πŸ™‚

Finally got to remix Marc De Buur – an artist than I personally respect (and knew before to begin with). Sky is the limit!

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The making of: Oceanfront Remix

It came out of nowhere – a guy named Matthias Bishop just mailed me and asked to create an uplifting remix for one of his tracks for a new label Interflow Uplifting. I picked Oceanfront, as it sounded pretty neutral and indistinct despite nice harmonies. I could go anywhere with it πŸ™‚

So I added a plenty of bold synth lines, drawing from trance classics. Gated phasy pad was inspired by The Thrillseekers – New Life (Lange Remix), while gliding lead is a classic sound found for instance in Solid Globe – Sahara, both from 2004. On top of that, there’s arpeggiated supersaw lead that’s my signature sound of course.

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The Making of: Alhena – Overload Remix

Just after I signed Hubris, Jose asked me to remix one of a handful different tracks for Tecnomind Music. I quickly decided for Overload – originally it had clearly techy vibe, but felt somewhat lackluster in terms of quality. I wanted to push it to the limit and try my skills in hard trance. Go check the result now, and see the realease post:

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Matthias Bishop – Oceanfront Remix out now

New year, new release!

Matthias Bishop - Oceanfront paint

The first release of this year is out! A remix requested by Matthias Bishop for his new label Interflow Uplifting. This is a bold, driving uplifting trancer with loads of juicy classic synth sounds – definitelly better than everything I released so far. It’s been getting good ratings on promo and the label itself also is a serious business with great promotion.

Apple Music

And there’s more to come this year!

Alhena – Overload (Warmonger Remix)

Another remix has been out for some days – once again on Tecnomind Music, this time for popular Russian producer Alhena. I went all into oldschool hard trance. No extraordinary quirks, just hard drive!

And drums, never enough drums.

Get in now at:

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I’ve now got so many projects at various stages of production that it’s difficult to grasp. Either way, the music won’t stop!

Alhena – Overload

Another cover has landed – this time for a single “Overload” by Alhena. I did some driving retro hard trance remix for it, and it turned out really catchy. Well, you’ll have to wait till September 13th till it’s released.

Alhena - Overload

For now, just enjoy the preview:

But know that the buildup is the the part where the magic happens πŸ˜‰

The Best of Tecnomind Music

…featuring my remix πŸ™‚

My friendly label Tecnomind Music celebrates it’s 50 release with a bundle of 15 greatest hits. Among them is my remix of ‘France‘ by LTM vs Must Rush. It’s a beautiful, melodic trance piece that got a nice remaster – which is an audible improvement of quality.

Get it now if you don’t have already:

Listen at Deezer

Buy on Beatport, Juno, Google Play

It’s the first time I’m featured in a “best of” something, and that was quick. More release news coming soon, stay tuned!

Good news

Today is a lucky day indeed! But let’s focus on music news, there’s enough for everyone.

My original tune “Hubris” is a part of Sampler 002 released on Mindlifting Bundles, a sub-project of respectable Mindlifting Records label. Already out as Beatport preorder, go and grab it!

It’s getting lots of love from Soundcloud, hoping for a big success!

Speaking of success (in the past), my recent remix of “France” by LTM vs Must Rush got a nice remaster. Why? It will be featured among 15 highest-selling tracks as a part of “The Best of Tecnomind Music“, also coming at Mindlifitng Bundles (these are all ran by one guy if you wonder. Thank you Jose!).

Another remix signed to Tecnomind Music is a hard trance take on “Overload” by Alhena. This one has no release date yet, but I dare you, you’d better not miss it.

That’s all for now, folks!

Stay tuned for more.

James Lass – Ancient Dreams (Warmonger Remix) out now

Guys, I’m on fire!

“Ancient Dreams” is a dark and epic trance piece from rising star James Lass. Thanks to Delaforce Recordings it’s finally available in all stores!

ancient dreams

Get it now on Beatport, Juno, iTunes. Or stream atΒ Spotify or Deezer!

It’s not over yet, stay tuned!