The Making of: Alhena – Overload Remix

Just after I signed Hubris, Jose asked me to remix one of a handful different tracks for Tecnomind Music. I quickly decided for Overload – originally it had clearly techy vibe, but felt somewhat lackluster in terms of quality. I wanted to push it to the limit and try my skills in hard trance. Go check the result now, and see the realease post:

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0-Coast wavetable pack update

New update of Make Noise 0-Coast Wavetable Pack for Serum is here! All links updated, in case anybody asks.

Thanks to latest Serum feature I was able to align the phases of all waveforms in a wavetable. This allows them to be modulated smoothly without artifacts, despite aperiodic form and general weirdness of some waveforms recorded. Individual waveforms may no longer be exactly the same as you could see on the oscilloscope, but nonetheless they sound the same and resemble the feel of original semi-modular synth.

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The making of: Inverse Universe 2018

Well, this one will be short.

The track is a rework of my early production from 2013, which had awesome harmonies but totally sucked at technicals. Thanks to my friend, who requested “remix pack” for this tune, it survived the system crash and I was able to reproduce it.

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Make Noise 0-Coast Wavetable Pack for Serum

What can one do with this semi-modular contraption? Nah, not the music. Sample the hell out of it!


This new wavetable pack explores a variety of controls and timbres 0-Coast has to offer. Some of them are simple knob sweeps of high quality, others feature aperiodic and overall bizarre shapes and sets. These are simple .wav files, so should work in other synths and programs, but were made using Serum. Enjoy!

Download (Google Drive, 56 MB, .zip)

Feel free to share the link as long as you feature me in the credits. This took quite a while to make, you know.

And yes, I’m going to make a track with all these sometime this year.

New freebie: My Little Room

“My Little Room” was originally made some years ago as a counterpart to Bliss. It’s the odd one, though, and I can’t even think of many labels that could be potentially interested in it. So I give it away for free. Luckily it already gathered great opinions from listeners, now you can enjoy it too! 🙂

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