Supersaw 2

Warmy’s Supersaw 2


The Supersaw is practical synth dedicated to hi-energy leads and dreamy pads, essential part of every trance and dance track. All the features were tuned with only that purpose in mind. This synth successfully reproduced a variety of classic trance leads, which are included in presets.


  • 2 independent supersaw oscillators
  • 4 different supersaw algorithms, including Roland hardware synth emulation
  • 6 hand-tunable saw oscillators
  • Advanced tuning & detune features
  • Amp envelope
  • Low-pass filter with advanced envelope features
  • Chorus
  • Stereo delay
  • Trancegate
  • FDN air reverb
  • Precise control and display – for microtonal tuning freaks
  • Up to 50 presets

Link at KVR

Manual coming soon.

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