Pure Trance Mix 2017-10-04

Trying to keep up with DJ sets. Don’t really have much time for these, but here it is:

Also features my latest own tune “Starvation”. Pretty simple and straightforward trance tune using african instruments and harmonies. Check this out.

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Spring Mix 2017

I record these mixes every year on first day of spring, now the counter hits 12. Melodic tunes varying from chillout, through progressive and deep house to uplifters. Also features my remix of “Impellent”, which sits quite well here. Enjoy!

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Progressive Mix 2017-02-26

I got suprisingly nice feedback after my previous mix, so decided to do some more. Here’s quick progressive mix. I don’t have a time yet for 2-hour Moments of Peace podcast, so I recorded something shorter – but this time live. Enjoy.

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Spring Mix 2016

A bit late this year, but still here. I’ve been doing spring mixes for 10 years now and can’t stop!

There’s actually a lot of different stuff going on in this set, from deep to prog house, followed by melodic nad uplifting trance. Also there’s one of my own tracks “Bliss” and it  fits so nicely 🙂 More details to follow.


01. You Are My Salvation – When The Forest Sleeps (CJ Art Downtempo Mix)
02. Katrin Souza – Incepto (Stasik T Remix)
03. Bee Hunter – Wavecatcher (Original Mix)
04. Linemoon – Unfamiliar (Original Mix)
05. Fon.Leman – You Can’t Hide (Original Mix)
06. Cammel – Butterfly Effect (Original Mix)
07. Lesh – Horizons (Original Mix)
08. Martin Graff & Kalim Milo – Ghosts Of Africa
09. Robin Hagglund – Oxygen (Original Mix)
10. Max Freegrant & Yuji Ono – Above The Sky (Original Mix)
11. PYEP – Summer Breeze (Original Mix)
12. ToShuk – Leaving Feelings (Original Mix)
13. Damian Wasse – Say Goodbye (Pure Mix)
14. Allende – The 3rd Sequence (Phase One Mix)
15. Koishii & Hush feat. Gillian Gilbert – Lifetime (Saltmarine Remix)
16. Hoyaa & Joakim Sjoberg – Stardust (Original Mix)
17. Ferry Tayle – Glorious Deception (Extended Mix)
18. Mario De Caine – Ankara (Original Mix)
19. Royksopp – I Had This Thing (Solarstone Pure Mix)
20. Stine Grove – This World Is Full Of Goodbyes (Sergy Shabanov Remix)
21. Ferry Tayle & Stonevalley – Battle Of The Barrels (Extended Mix)
22. Myk Bee – Synergy (2015 Mix)
23. Warmonger – Bliss (Original Mix)
24. Emre Colak – One Day (Original Mix)
25. Frozen Skies – Rise of Atlantis (Club Mix)
26. Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff feat. Diana Leah – I’ll Find My Way (Original Mix)
27. Michael Retouch – Illuminated (Original Mix)
28. Roman Messer feat. Eskova – Without You (Elite Electronic Remix)
29. Soundlift – My Garden (Original Mix)

Enjoy the spring!

Moments of Peace 04

Another episode of progressive podcast. This time it turned out more deep rather than chilled, but it’s just as good as usual. Only minor keys – perfect for long winter nights.


01. Sound Quelle – Allarg (Original Mix)
02. JayB – Reverberation (Deep Mix)
03. Flynn & Denton – Second Chapter (Gai Barone Remix)
04. Reiklavik – Hex (Nkoder Remix)
05. Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Not Enough (Thomas Vink Remix)
06. Chris Deep – Step Forward
07. Laniakea – Free Fall (Original Mix)
08. Schodt – Gianni (Sundriver Remix)
09. Jallen – Blue Horizons
10. Rich Smith, Kimberly Hale – When the Sun Comes Up (Original Mix)
11. 2loop & EvGen FM – Sand Castles (Original Mix)
12. Roman Babanov – Sunny Summer (Original Mix)
13. Laniakea – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
14. Red Sun Rising – Moments When We Wonder
15. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (You Are My Salvation Remix)
16. Jean Pierre Mirage – Athos (Original Mix)
17. DJ Deny – Mind Trick (Rangga Electroscope Remix)
18. Airforlife feat. Sam Vince – Summer Love (Chill Mix)
19. Jeremy Vancaulart, Assaf feat. Laura Aqui – The Space Between
20. Aigio Vono – Yuki (Original Mix)
21. The Green Martian – A Last One For The Road (Gary Delaney Oldschool Remix)
22. Roman Hope – LTA
23. Vasiliy Goodkov – Amethyst (Original Mix)
24. Lence & Pluton – Shine (Original Mix)
25. Matt Holliday – New Leaf (Original Mix)
26. Forerunners – Fading Signs (Original Mix)
27. Furkan Senol – Lost (Original Mix)
28. Hazem Beltagui – The Unbroken (Original Mix)

Thanks to this set I already was asked to do a guestmix. More info next week!

Pure Trance Mix 2015-11-17

New mix is up. A bunch of true progressive, melodic or epic sounds.

All 15 tracks are in A minor. Which is not bad on its own, but shows that producers use that key most often.


01. Afternova – For All Mankind (Club Mix)
02. Daniel Kandi, Max Braiman – Sky0cean! (Original Mix)
03. SoundLift – Wild Nature (Original Mix)
04. Dr. Riddle – Cold Heart (Magic Sense Remix)
05. Omniks – Troia (Altered States Remix)
06. Lovemaster & Mr.Greidor – Dedication of Love (Original Mix)
07. Omania – Be Love (Original Mix)
08. A&Z Vs Amir Hussain – Dizzy Heights (Original Mix)
09. Jacques Jamante – Hidden Depths
10. Darkwinder – Abandoned Beach (Original Mix)
11. Kaimo K vs. Cold Rush & Katty Heath – Here I Am (Original Mix)
12. Ahmed Romel, Harmonic Rush – Sevda (Original Mix)
13. Haig & Raffi vs Rya – LifeLifter (Rob Corbo Remix)
14. Max Ivanovsky – Era (Original Mix)
15. John O’Callaghan – Meridian Bay (Original Mix)