Alhena – Overload (Warmonger Remix)

Another remix has been out for some days – once again on Tecnomind Music, this time for popular Russian producer Alhena. I went all into oldschool hard trance. No extraordinary quirks, just hard drive!

And drums, never enough drums.

Get in now at:

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I’ve now got so many projects at various stages of production that it’s difficult to grasp. Either way, the music won’t stop!

Freebie: Warmonger – Excursion

I decided to give away this piece from last year:

An attempt at banging tech track, drawing from multiple styles – from dubstep and electro to even psy. Also features my signature uplifting lead.

Even though I put a lot of time and effort in this track, the result is less than a sum of its parts. Probably it comes from me not listening to my own adivce: If you have five great ideas, make five separate tracks. Putting too much content in a single piece makes it one hell of a mess.

I believe many people are going to enjoy this track nonetheless, but labels appear not interested. Well, better luck next time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Alhena – Overload

Another cover has landed – this time for a single “Overload” by Alhena. I did some driving retro hard trance remix for it, and it turned out really catchy. Well, you’ll have to wait till September 13th till it’s released.

Alhena - Overload

For now, just enjoy the preview:

But know that the buildup is the the part where the magic happens 😉

The Making of: Meteor Ride

Well, my boot drive just died, so I can’t make any music this weekend. But I can post another blog about past productions 😉

The goal was simple: Create groovy, buzzy, driving and hot tune that could hit festivals. No elaborate arrangements or sound design extravaganza – jut distort everything until it burns.  I intentionally picked simple synths, Sylenth1 and Vacuum Pro, to make simple and oldschool yet effective sounds.

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Live While You Can / Meteor Ride EP is out!

And now the big one – double uplifting EP released on Tecnomind Music.

A-side “Live While You Can” is a cookie-cutter uplifter based on some euro trance and hard trance motiffs from early 2000s.

The other one, “Meteor Ride“, is a hot, driving and banging trancer with savage groove and buzzy, distorted sounds.

Get them now on Beatport, Juno, iTunes or Google Play
as well as Spotify and Deezer!

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Live While You Can EP – Preview

Thanks to Technomind music 🙂

A-side: oldschool cookie-cutter uplifter.

B-side: driving, banging and buzzy.

Uplifting EP coming on March 8th!

“France” remix coming on February 8th, “Ancient Dreams” on February 11th. Already available exclusively on Beatport:

4 new tracks coming!

I promised 3 releases coming soon, but at it turns out, there will be four. Delaforce Recordings got themselves together and finally scheduled a remix which I signed a whole year ago…

Either way, here they come in full glory:

ltm vs must rush - franceancient dreamslive while you can - meteor ride

For now I can tell that all the covers fit the music quite well.

Go check France remix already:

So, now let’s go and sign some more. While producing another ones. Nothing can stop me now!

The winner can be only one

And that’s me 🙂 I won a contest hosted by and will play on Afterhours.FM during End Of Year Countdown. Exact shedule is not know yet, will post again if there is some info available.

And here’s the winner set, recorded with my XDJ-RX:


01. Imida – Hysteria (2015 Rework)
02. Skyborn – Aurora (Original Mix)
03. Manuel Le Saux – Bodhisattva (Original Mix)
04. Aeden – Piano Sonata (Original Mix)
05. Tribal Point & Eclipse – Spyware (Original Mix)
06. Yusef Kifah – Hybrid (Original Mix)
07. Lightning vs. Waveband – Dance Valley (Original Mix)
08. Ikerya Project – Zod (Original Mix)
09. James Poulton – Anodyne (Amir Hussain Remix)

It’s a huge progress since early 2006, when I took LAST place in UKTA DJ Mix contest. Someone said it takes 10 years to achieve success and I’m getting there.

Entering We Love Trance DJ Contest

I passed to final round of We Love Trance contest. Three out of 12 finalists will be able to play at upcoming party on 9th May.Check my entry live mix:


01. Tom Rogers – Frozen (Original Mix)
02. Rob Corbo – Keep Rising (Skyborn Remix)
03. James Kelly – 400 (Extrema 400 Official Anthem)
04. TrancEye – Two Different Worlds (Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff Remix)
05. Danny Legato – Function (Javy X Remix)
06. Matt Skyer – Necromancy (Original Mix)
07. Natlife feat. Muhib Khan – Elenda (Aero 201 Darker Mix)
08. N20 vs. Cell X – Alive (Will Rees Remix)
09. Allura – A Heartfelt Cry (Original Mix)
10. Matt Bukovski feat. Cynthia Hall – Slave To Doubt (Original Mix)
11. Allen Watts & Mike Van Fabio – Velvet Blue (Original Mix)
12. Kinetica & Mike Sanders – Andromeda (Original Mix)
13. Skyvol – Neptune (Original Mix)

Unfortunatelly the public voting is decided by number of followers DJs already have. All I can do here is to get some attention from random strangers. Still, you can support me in poll here: