From The Depths of The Earth guestmix


Polish DJ Chris Vestley asked me to do a progressive guestmix for his radioshow. The deepest set I ever mixed, also the first time I record progressive stuff on my XDJ-RX. The set already got into charts, so you better don’t miss it 🙂

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EOYC 2015 mix on AH.FM

Here it is! An attempt to fit “yearmix” in just an hour. 13 tracks is absolutely not enough for me, but nevertheless people who manage to tune in in the morning enjoyed the show. Now you can all listen to the mix whenever you wish 😉


01. Fady & Mina – Kinetics (Original Mix)
02. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
03. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
04. Emanuele Congeddu & Allam – Redemeer’s Sundown (Original Mix)
05. Aeden – Violet (Neo Kekkonen Remix)
06. Adam Ellis – Culture Vulture (Vlind Remix)
07. Dreamy – Defender (Original Mix)
08. Ula – Memories (A&S Remix)
09. Martin Libsen – Ascension (Original Mix)
10. Rich Smith feat. TJ Vincent – If I Was Human (Original Mix)
11. Dark Fusion feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – I Just Close My Eyes (Sunset Remix)
12. Yusef Kifah – Nibiru (Original Mix)
13. Matt Harrison – Her Name Was Ora (Force Multipliers 303 Remix)

Other than that, I don’t plan any other yearmix. Looking forward to future opportunities for great sets 🙂

Join me at EOYC 2015!

Finally here it is! Official schedule for End Of Year Countdown 2015 at

New year at 10:00 am is probably the worst slot possible, but still – it’s the biggest success in my career 🙂 Join me to enter new year with the best trance tunes of past year. Usual powerful trance mix.

Visit for tracklists and stuff. Join Facebook event for live chat.

Oh, it’s still 2 weeks away. Don’t worry, there will be more posts in the meantime. is alive and plays my tracks radio was relaunched. It now plays only singles, including unsigned tracks. It will also play some of my recent productions, so you get a chance to hear them on the radio. Also, for now it’s the only way you can hear full version of Green Energy 😉

For those of you who don’t know, used to be quite popular radio broadcasting DJ shows, inluding my Dance2Trance show last year. Not sure where it’s going now, but nonetheless it’s always a chance to get larger audience.

Good luck EDMCentral!

Dance2Trance is over

Bad news. I was removed from the station by owner due to personal conflict. I could make  a long list of reasons why this is just wrong, but don’t have a time or will for doing that. No new episode coming on Wednesday, sorry.

When I joined the station, it seemed to have credible managment and bright future ahead. Too bad it turned out exactly opposite.

I will try to get a radioshow on another station, but that won’t happen in foreseeable future.

Now, better go release some tracks.

Dance2Trance (Episode 023) 03.12.2014


01. Stephane Badey – Mirror Minds (Original Mix)
02. Memory Loss ft. Eli – Ataraxy (ReOrder Remix)
03. Witness45 – Heavenly Hundred (Original Mix)
04. Psymfonius – Extatic (Tensile Force Remix)
05. Alexey Ryasnyansky – Flight in Abyss (Unbeat Remix)
06. Alter Future – October 3rd (Original Mix)
07. E.T Project – The Dream (Original Mix)
08. Burak Harsitlioglu – Twister (Original Mix)
09. Andy Elliass – Change (Joze Linecker Remix)
10. Dreamy – Everything Is Possible (Kinetica Remix)
11. Etasonic – Restless Night (Michael Flint Remix)
12. Triumvirate – Nostalgic Echo (Rhythmsport Remix)
13. Classic: System F feat. Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Original)

Dance2Trance (Episode 022) 26.11.2014

Here it is. Such trance!

01. James McGuire – Vanilla Skies (Original Mix)
02. Tuneflux – Reach (Original Mix)
03. U-Mount – Challenge Accepted (Original Mix)
04. Behind The Sunset – Actus Secundus (Reiklavik Remix)
05. Etasonic – Orphea (Jesper Olesen’s Shredded Remix)
06. Amos ft. Sarah Jane Neild – It Happens (Steve Morley Remix)
07. Tuneflux – Redemption (Original Mix)
08. Alpha Duo ft. Tiff Lacey – The One (Original Mix)
09. Ula – Chidori (E.T Project Remix)
10. Fady & Mina ft. Romi Cage – Don’t Wait (Original Mix)
11. Omar Essa – Volantis (Original Mix)
12. William P – Strategic (French Skies Tech Remix)
13. Classic: Kai Tracid – Conscious (Energy Mix)

It’s also good to know that Audacity FM slowly attracts some listeners. We will grow strong!

Dance2Trance (Episode 021) 19.11.2014

Here it is, enjoy 🙂

01. DJ Madwave – Pleasure (Frank Dueffel Remix)
02. Allen & Envy and Katty Heath – I Wasn’t The One (Original Mix)
03. Paul Vinitsky – The Endless Journey (Original Stunning Mix)
04. Santi Project – Dreaming You (Original Mix)
05. Marcprest – Losing Memory (Nikolauss Remix)
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Alana Aldea – In This Together (Jordan Suckley Remix)
07. Philip Mayer – Typhonee (Original Mix)
08. Indecent Noise – Cerberus (Original Mix)
09. Orment – Hope Of Dreams (Adam Deane Remix)
10. Phil Taylor – Tabula Rasa (Original Mix)
11. McAree & Clancy – Fire Within (Original Mix)
12. Outer Space – Unbreakable Will (Matt Chowski Remix)
13. Classic: Alphazone – Flashback (Original Mix)

Dance2Trance (Episode 020) 12.11.2014

It’s the first episode I recorded with new mixer setup. It’s so good I can pretty much mix a set blindly, without listening to it. Feels like cheating. Still, there is no reason not to use advantages of modern technology, especially when I design them on my own.

I plan to expand this setup and mix with Push as only controller in the following weeks, later try to connect it to proper DJ players for ultimate pro and live setup.  It it’s successful, I’ll reveal the design and explain it in detail.

01. Savon – Blue Water (Para X Remix)
02. Adam Ellis & Neev Kennedy – Reason To Believe (Original Mix)
03. Philip Mayer – Centaur (Original Mix)
04. Ram & Stine Grove – RAMore (Original Mix)
05. Sava – The Journey (Dreamy Remix)
06. Indecent Noise ft. Noire Lee – Glitches (Allan Morrow Remix)
07. Mitchell Claxton – Dive (Icedream Remix)
08. Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn – Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Remix)
09. Ronny K. – Heroes & Victims (Original Mix)
10. Nick Callaghan & Second Sine – Make Me Human (Stephane Badey Remix)
11. Robbie Van Doe – Daywalker (Original Mix)
12. Akku – Fire In Your Tears (Siliccom Remix)
13. Classic: The Thrillseekers – New Life (Lange Mix)

Dance2Trance (Episode 019) 05.11.2014

Live sets are cool and all, but the show must go on!

01. Changes – Angry God’s (Tech Mix)
02. Chris & WreeD-X vs. Tensile Force – Top Of The Pop (French Skies Remix)
03. Jonathan Carvajal – Ten (Vlind Remix)
04. Oliver & Tom – Carvalho (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix)
05. Johan Ekman – Exhale (John Askew Remix)
06. RageVision – By Your Side (Skydiver Remix)
07. Make One – Song Of Seraphim (Original Mix)
08. Witness45 – Believe (Ellez Ria Remix)
09. Andy Moor & Lange feat. Fenja – Top Of The World (Ferry Tayle Remix)
10. U-Mount – Teleport (Original Mix)
11. York – Reachers Of Civilisation (Rene Ablaze Remix)
12. Dreamy feat. Claire Willis – Back To You (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Mark Norman – Phantom Manor