Jurgen Vries – The Theme (Warmonger 2015 Rework)

I was always big fan of that track, but the original missed some power and drive. So I made my own version :). Proper 138 trancer.

It may not be very sophisticated, but loud and banging for sure. I tried to stay close to original and only changed instrumentation and mixdown to something more modern. Acid, guitar and more acid.

If you like that track, show me some love on Soundcloud (via likes and follows) and I might share it someday 😉

Other news:

  • I’m recently working on two-track “Violin” EP. First track called “Bliss” is already finished and it’s oustanding. Unfortunatelly can’t share it, really want it released.
  • There were no mixes recently, I’ve been waiting for new DJ gear. It is coming this month for sure 🙂

Green energy – free track giveaway

Here is the deal: help me reach 50 followers on either Soundcloud or Facebook and this oldschool upliter will be free for download. Just subscribe and wait till I hit the counter.

Green Energy is in fact tribute to Nu-NRG duo and which recreates their style and signature sounds. Also I added some modern twists to this otherwise oldschool uplifter.

I finished this track some months ago. It’s already rocking on EDMCentral.fm, but now I know I can do better.

This is becausec recently I finished first (of many planned) reworks, which is Jurgen Vries – The Theme. Will probably share it someday as well, but for now it’s a secret. Know that it kicks ass. Stay tuned for more!

New track giveaway: Investigations

Ideas – we all have them. My single from last year, “Investigations”, is a collection of ideas not correctly developed. The more I listened to and played this track, the more scared I was. Behold! It’s now free for download.

The track was originally made in summer 2014. I played it a number of times since then in different versions. Finally reworked it just yesterday with new mixdown setup and some tricks which make it sound clean and bouncy. This way you can it all clearly, be it good or bad.

It also turns out that making trance sound very good and proper is easy – once you know how to. For all these years I was lost in details and messed up the basics. The base is correct bass and kick interaction as well as lots of dynamics. Once you got this done, every sound follows easily. Just check it out on your own.

A random observation: Soundcloud stats since some time act randomly, going up and down. Don’t know what to think about that, or how many people actually enjoyed the track.

Woven Drops once again

Forget previous post and previous version, it was all wrong. NOW, this is it!

That was my contest entry for a competition I submitted about 4 months ago. The competition deadline was 2 months ago, unfortunatelly, the results were never announced It seems that hosts have lost their credibility and this is going nowhere.

Another work in progress

Hey, this is something I made recently

I mostly wanted to present progress on technical side, that is mixdown and mastering. The track is far from complete yet,what you hear is about 30-40%. And no, it will not be an uplifter. Here’s short playlist that I’m after:

Kai Tracid – 4 Just 1 Day (Energy Mix)
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Original mix)
John Askew – Bastard (Original Mix)
Peter Plaznik – Operator Bandit (Original Mix)
Jurgen Vries – The Theme (Club Mix)
Running Man – Earth (Proyal Energetic Remix)

As you may have noticed, four of these tracks have memorable lyrics. That’s the thing which is missing, it will be a suprise 😉

Stay tuned for more.

Ocean Star Empire – Woven Drops (Warmonger Remix)

My entry for remix competition is ready!

It’s been published for a few days now, but it took a while to get any response from OSE themselves. Not yet sure what will happen next, but I can share with you what I have now.

The version you hear is my own quickly mastered version. OSE got it unmastered as they wanted. The track is uploaded full length, but downloading is disabled to leave some options for release.

As to the track itself – I wasn’t sure what to do, so I made everything at once. You can hear some agressive psy-tech banging at 140 BPM, but also typical progressive break and huge dancy supersaw, which is my trademark now 🙂 Overall, I tried to balance the melodic and club part, keep it twisted but not noisy. I believe it makes sense. Ahh, it’s also my best track to date. In fact, every next becomes better and better.

The downside is, I already know what could be improved in this one – the bass has been crippling me since forever, but for other reasons I considered. This will be fixed (already is) in next project, which I don’t reaveal at the moment for greater suspense 😉

A few more words about production in general. Many producers just keep saying: “choose right kick”, “make right bass”, “add right loops with some reverb”. So far I believed they can’t really explain what they are doing, possibly not understand it either and just trust the blind luck. But in fact, this is how the production looks like. With some experience you just know what is next step, what will work together and what will not. From among infinite number of options, you choose the right ones and move forward quickly. Track composing becomes less perfecting the matserpiece and more like throwing random ideas and tweaking them to work together. Anyhow. It’s like managing chaos. You will surely notice it in Woven Drops remix – just a ton of catchy sounds blended and glued just to work well together, now matter how weird the result is. But it just works. The amount of chaos and predictability even out, what makes track original yet acceptable.

Music creation is always balancing between two extremes. To succeed, you need to know what makes sounds feel similiar and dissimiliar. Then just balance it for the right result.