How to make acid basslines

In this video I demonstrate how to create an acid bassline with as many as 8 different synths:

This includes basic patch, full track mix tips as well as a variety of sound design variations for all subtractive synths that I own.

Yep, hard acid basslines are a commonplace in trance music and also a part of my signature sound. You can hear some in a number of releases like Valor, The Beauty of Darkness, Scythe and grab some freebies like recent 42, Jihad or Inhuman.

Hope you find this video helpful.

Gullfoss review in practical tests

Loudness War channel is back! This time I made a walkthrough for a Gullfoss automatic EQ against a number of common sound types.

More will be coming. With decent recording setup and state of art video editing software – DaVinci Resolve Free – I can quite easily create a plenty of videos in resonable time.

The making of: Oceanfront Remix

It came out of nowhere – a guy named Matthias Bishop just mailed me and asked to create an uplifting remix for one of his tracks for a new label Interflow Uplifting. I picked Oceanfront, as it sounded pretty neutral and indistinct despite nice harmonies. I could go anywhere with it 🙂

So I added a plenty of bold synth lines, drawing from trance classics. Gated phasy pad was inspired by The Thrillseekers – New Life (Lange Remix), while gliding lead is a classic sound found for instance in Solid Globe – Sahara, both from 2004. On top of that, there’s arpeggiated supersaw lead that’s my signature sound of course.

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Freebie: Warmonger – Excursion

I decided to give away this piece from last year:

An attempt at banging tech track, drawing from multiple styles – from dubstep and electro to even psy. Also features my signature uplifting lead.

Even though I put a lot of time and effort in this track, the result is less than a sum of its parts. Probably it comes from me not listening to my own adivce: If you have five great ideas, make five separate tracks. Putting too much content in a single piece makes it one hell of a mess.

I believe many people are going to enjoy this track nonetheless, but labels appear not interested. Well, better luck next time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The Making of “Live While You Can”

From the very beginning, this track was meant to be simple. An uplifting cookie-cutter inspired by eurotrance from 2000s, especially my favourite duo Nu-NRG. I just wanted to go and try if I can create something “normal” without oversophisticated sound design and composition. After all, the majority of trance nowdays is a copy-paste of each other.

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The making of Starvation

Since now extended versions of tracks are on Youtube, there’s a good point to discuss how “Starvation” was made.

I had a simple idea in mind – a straightforward trance tune with african theme. This involves, obvioulsy, polyrthytmic djembe drums, but also harmonies. Some grooves were played by hand using different instruments, such as Ableton stock rack and Big Bang Cinematic Percussion, other loops were found on the Internet. As to harmonies, I googled some “african music”, understood correctly or not, and tried various chord progressions until it worked.

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The making of Introscope

Since it’s out now for everyone to hear (and to buy, apparently), I can say a few words how this track came to life. It took incredible amount of time and effort, but was worth it.

It actually started as far as two years ago, with the rough idea to create some true hard-hitting and dark trancer with evolving structure. The title “introscope” means “device to look into yourself” – it was meant to be a journey through different emotions and states of mind.

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Jurgen Vries – The Theme (Warmonger 2015 Rework)

I was always big fan of that track, but the original missed some power and drive. So I made my own version :). Proper 138 trancer.

It may not be very sophisticated, but loud and banging for sure. I tried to stay close to original and only changed instrumentation and mixdown to something more modern. Acid, guitar and more acid.

If you like that track, show me some love on Soundcloud (via likes and follows) and I might share it someday 😉

Other news:

  • I’m recently working on two-track “Violin” EP. First track called “Bliss” is already finished and it’s oustanding. Unfortunatelly can’t share it, really want it released.
  • There were no mixes recently, I’ve been waiting for new DJ gear. It is coming this month for sure 🙂

Green energy – free track giveaway

Here is the deal: help me reach 50 followers on either Soundcloud or Facebook and this oldschool upliter will be free for download. Just subscribe and wait till I hit the counter.

Green Energy is in fact tribute to Nu-NRG duo and which recreates their style and signature sounds. Also I added some modern twists to this otherwise oldschool uplifter.

I finished this track some months ago. It’s already rocking on, but now I know I can do better.

This is becausec recently I finished first (of many planned) reworks, which is Jurgen Vries – The Theme. Will probably share it someday as well, but for now it’s a secret. Know that it kicks ass. Stay tuned for more!