New freebie: Bliss

I initially made this track in 2015. It felt wrong, though, so I tweaked it over and over. Finally I realized it is simply off the genre has no commercial potential at all – no matter if it’s mixed properly or loud. So now I give it away for free.

Artistically, I find it a success – I had an idea and realized it. The track is just what it was supposed to be. Just the idea was wrong to begin with. Maybe it would work better if I picked other scale than major, now it seems to be way over the top.

All the acoutic instruments come from Ableton library. The synths are good old combination os Serum, Dune 2, Sylenth1 and Operator. Nothing extraordinary there, I remember the track was completed quickly.


BTW, I recently completed another old project, which is first finished track this year. After migrating to new high-end rig I can now spam productions all week long. Stay tuned!

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