The making of: Ancient Dreams Remix

Back with “The making of” series. Let’s start with Ancient Dreams by James Lass, since this one was actually made back in November 2017.

The story begins just a few hours after Introscope EP got released. Delaforce Recordings made a public request for remixers on their Facebook page, and I answered quickly – at that moment with proven track record πŸ˜› I got like 25 days for a remix, but it actually got signed 2 month later and actually released more than a year from then – this February.

Unfortunatelly Delaforce Recordings seems to be barely alive nowdays, so the only place you can hear full version are streaming serives, such as Spotify. Go check it now:

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Live While You Can / Meteor Ride EP is out!

And now the big one – double uplifting EP released on Tecnomind Music.

A-side “Live While You Can” is a cookie-cutter uplifter based non some euro trance and hard trance motiffs from early 2000s.

The other one, “Meteor Ride“, is a hot, driving and banging trancer with savage groove and buzzy, distorted sounds.

Get them now on Beatport, Juno, iTunes or Google Play
as well as Spotify and Deezer!

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0-Coast wavetable pack update

New update of Make Noise 0-Coast Wavetable Pack for Serum is here! All links updated, in case anybody asks.

Thanks to latest Serum feature I was able to align the phases of all waveforms in a wavetable. This allows them to be modulated smoothly without artifacts, despite aperiodic form and general weirdness of some waveforms recorded. Individual waveforms may no longer be exactly the same as you could see on the oscilloscope, but nonetheless they sound the same and resemble the feel of original semi-modular synth.

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James Lass – Ancient Dreams (Warmonger Remix) out now

Guys, I’m on fire!

“Ancient Dreams” is a dark and epic trance piece from rising star James Lass. Thanks to Delaforce Recordings it’s finally available in all stores!

ancient dreams

Get it now on Beatport, Juno, iTunes. Or stream atΒ Spotify or Deezer!

It’s not over yet, stay tuned!

LTM vs Must Rush – France (Warmonger Remix) out now!

And it’s here, now in all stores! Also on Spotify and Deezer.

ltm vs must rush - france

Beautiful melodic trance piece with a plenty of complex synths to please your ears.

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Also, Ancient Dreams remix is coming next week. Completely different feel so you don’t get bored.

Live While You Can EP – Preview

Thanks to Technomind music πŸ™‚

A-side: oldschool cookie-cutter uplifter.

B-side: driving, banging and buzzy.

Uplifting EP coming on March 8th!

“France” remix coming on February 8th, “Ancient Dreams” on February 11th. Already available exclusively on Beatport: