2022 roundup

It’s 7th January when I write this blog. This alone clearly shows I don’t quite have time anymore. But it’s more than that, feels more like a burnout.

First of all, I didn’t make any new track in 2022 just because I feel there’s little benefit in doing so. The releases from 2022 got single-digit playcounts on Spotify, while Tecnomind label sent me just as microscopic royalties. There’s no point in doing this when there’s no audience, right?

But not all hope is lost! Despite little to none activity on my side, the Youtube channel got a number of new subscribers and a significant number of plays. So I want to go this way, get some audience and boost reach before making any more music. That’s the way the world works – reach, recognition and fame is everything, and then what use you make of it is a different question altogether.

So, since about May I’ve been preparing quite an ambitious project that involves eye-catching and attractive animations. This is certainly people want to watch and I can deliver these, as both an engineer and a software developer. But I didn’t wrap it up yet despite the project being over 80% done. Better take as much time as needed to create something outstanding, than just push out lots of mediocre content.

For the most I’ve been busy with this thing called “life”. But I’ve resonably handled all the problems so they are not problems anymore. Eventually got awesome job which also helped me to equip a dream studio where I’m sitting right now. It involves spectacular dual 4K monitor setup, among other quality-of-life improvements. I’ve got all I need and then some, and don’t need to worry about anything but my own motivation.

Also, just by the end of a year I met a girl who is a professional singer and, suprisingly, really enjoys my music. But it doesn’t end here – she’s actually a neighbour living two floors above me. I’ve been waiting for such opportunity and now it comes – and I’m ready for it. Nothing can stop us now 🙂

To sum things up – go with the flow. Sometimes luck comes to everyone – but you need to be prepared to take that chance. And I know that some people are so busy with their daily routine that they couldn’t take an opportunity even if it slapped them right in their face.

All I want for Christmas is music

Times change, and so does the way we listen to the music. Streaming services are nothing new at this point, but for a long time I’ve been reluctant to them, as I’m rather used to hoarding uncountable numbers of mp3 hand-picked and catalogued on a hard drive. Such habit developed a long time ago when I ran the radioshow on weekly basis and needed to have all the tunes accessible at my disposal.

Recently I dicovered – or rather re-discovered after 15 years – DI.FM radio. It evolved quite a lot since I listened to it the last time somewhere in the high school. Tons of different channels and playlists, carefully selected by curatorst with seemingly good taste – all available on demand. Shortly speaking, the best place to listen to the trance music right now. Despite the large number of channels and diverse content, just a few are enough: I sit at Epic Trance, Progressive, Progressive Psy or Melodic Progressive from time to time and don’t have enough for hours.

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Flying Colors is out now!

This one is a proper oldschool uplifter, nothing else. It could be named “uplifting trance tutorial” and you wouldn’t suspect anything. Simple and catchy arpeggiated melody inspired by my all-time favourite duo Nu NRG.


The project actually originated from testing new plugins available on Black Friday – just dropped my favourite presets and very generic melody from Orb Producer... and the Dune 3 default preset arpeggio. Agressive, glitchy bassline comes from iZotope BreakTweaker.

Wu Wei / Be Yourself EP is out!

Didn’t release any EP since 2019, so it’s time for a new one! Two psy-ish tracks of different flavours coming on Aftertime Records. Wu Wei is somewhat melodic trancer with subtle goa feel, while Be Yourself is more of a mainstage banger with a big yet simple lead. I’m very proud of these.



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On the message of song names: Wu Wei here means “do not force”, don’t try too hard and let the things unfold on their own. Ironically I tried hard to wrap up this track, including completely redoing the final melody once it was almost finished. Now, Be Yourself means… you know what it means. This mainstage banger leading somewhere between tech trance and hard trance is nothing like myself.

How to make acid basslines

In this video I demonstrate how to create an acid bassline with as many as 8 different synths:

This includes basic patch, full track mix tips as well as a variety of sound design variations for all subtractive synths that I own.

Yep, hard acid basslines are a commonplace in trance music and also a part of my signature sound. You can hear some in a number of releases like Valor, The Beauty of Darkness, Scythe and grab some freebies like recent 42, Jihad or Inhuman.

Hope you find this video helpful.

2021 Roundup

For many of you it may be suprising, but for me 2021 was the best year in a long time, and probably the best year ever. I live with a conviction that life can be harsh and one could be always prepared for troubles or accidents. Always do more, achieve more, prepare in advance and save more that you need at the time – so if something goes wrong, you have time and resources to recover. The mere fact you’re doing fine in your life doesn’t mean it will stay the same in the future. As a result, I improved my life (and achievements) in many areas, despite lasting pandemic, crumbling economy and more problems that are not likely to go away anytime soon.

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Freebie: Warmonger – 42

Hello, it’s another freebie I share with you as an overdue X-mas present 🙂 Free for download from Soundcloud.

Yep, it’s an unsuccessful attempt at creating melodic and orchestral uplifting trance. Quite a misadventure in terms of composition as I relied too much upon Orb Composer.

Still, it’s a solid production, so maybe sometone with an ear for unusual tunes will find it interesting.

Also, it’s the first and only production where I tried to use Tone2 Rayblaster 2 – an unique synth based on impulse modeling engine, with a very distinct and pleasant sound.