Freebie: Warmonger – 42

Hello, it’s another freebie I share with you as an overdue X-mas present 🙂 Free for download from Soundcloud.

Yep, it’s an unsuccessful attempt at creating melodic and orchestral uplifting trance. Quite a misadventure in terms of composition as I relied too much upon Orb Composer.

Still, it’s a solid production, so maybe sometone with an ear for unusual tunes will find it interesting.

Also, it’s the first and only production where I tried to use Tone2 Rayblaster 2 – an unique synth based on impulse modeling engine, with a very distinct and pleasant sound.

The Realm Never Dreamed out now!

This release in a fine melodic / uplifting trance tune with epic breakdown. Powerful yet smooth, as I wanted.

Apple Music

Also, certainly my best yet. Having done that, I need to tthink about producing some tunes more in line with commercial standards. It’s not a matter of technical skills anymore, it’s a matter of style.

Valor is out now!

New single just got released on my home label Tecnomind Music.

This tune turned out be be a successful attempt to combine hard-tech banger with cinematic strings. Unique and catchy, enjoy!



Apple Music

This milestone marks 20th tune released on a label. And I’ve got more yet to show!

Nostalgia hits

(Ambiguity in the title intended)

Recently I had to remind myself older DJ sets recorded over 10 years ago. And guess what: they’re amazing, especially when one doesn’t remember what track gems are hiding there.

So I uploaded 7 new (old) sets to Mixcloud.

2007 – 2010 Yearmixes were originally broadcast on radio. The radio appears dead now. Back when it started, it hit over 300 listeners. Good old days.

Now, the “follow-up” mixes contain all the stuff which didn’t fit in the 2-hour radioshow. These tend to be suprising and original tunes, often one-of-a-kind, spanning a wide variety of styles and genres. Definitelly worth checking.

The Making of: Supercontinuum

It was an old idea, probably 8 years old by now as I got it back at the university. “Supercontinuum” means, in layman’s term, a rainbow laser. So that’s pretty much what you can see on the cover:


It’s quite an ephemereal phenomenon unlike anything observed in nature, and so is the sound design for this track. Not a single subtractive synth was used in the making of “Supercontinuum”, and samples were very sparse too. Main lead is string morphing smoothly into flute thanks to Harmor. Bassline comes from newly purchased FM8. Pseudo-acoustic instruments is Chromaphone 2, some atmoshperes come from Iris 2 and Ableton Operator is also there.

Last, but not least – all the melodies and harmonies were created by AI. It’s all Orb Composer, and in fact I started to create this track immediately after I purchased the tool back in 2018. Took me many months and three attempts to get anywhere with it. In fact, I been adding final touches in August 2019. Even though the track was signed immediately, it still took several months to get the remixes done by Sublitrance and LTM.

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Supercontinuum out now!

Double hit this week. Now, Supercontinuum is my first single that got remixes from other artists. Check this beautiful progressive / melodic / pure / epic trance on Tecnomind Music.



Now, this is an interesting production for many reasons. I will tell all the story behind it in another blog post.

Conquering all frontiers

Two different tracks are coming just in March. Different labels, different styles. One thing in common – it’s awesome trance.

First, Native Aliens is full-on commercial psy that hits hard. Because I wanted to make something typical for once. Coming on March 16 at Aftertime Records run by Leo Itskovich.

Native AliensSupercontinuum

Supercontinuum is a progressive / epic trance tune with elaborate composition utilizing AI as well as exotic synth selection. It was supposed to be many things, but eventually style feels much like Solarstone. Probably the most easy-listening track from me yet.

Featuring two remixes, coming on March 20th at my home label Tecnomind Music.

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