Loudness War 003: FM Synthesis part 2

Let’s continue the FM synthesis series, shall we?

Mic fixed. Also added a lot of extra graphics to make maths part easier to understand.

Honestly, all this preparation and editing takes a lot of time. Hopefully in the future there will be more music and less theory.

Loudness War 002: FM Synthesis part 1

Let’s continue, shall we?

The early episodes misfired due to very bad microphone quality, but I’m still improving in both audio and video.

This episode is a retake on my presentation about FM synthesis I made almost 4 years ago. Got a lot of material ready to use and explain in some sensible matter, and part 2 is coming.


Launching YouTube Channel: Loudness War

Let’s face it, YouTube is the thing today and text blogs are the thing of the past. So I just launched a new Youtube channel about electronic music production – Loudness War.

It’s focused on EDM mixing, sound design and technicals. No preset browsing, just spot-on sound engineering.

An introduction – personal view of what I am doing here and what I want to do with my channel:

Now, the first actual episode is all about spectrum analyser.

Got many ideas for future videos! Subscribe already not to miss them.

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On curiosity

Inspiration can come from unexpected sources. As a software developer and AI enthusiast, I recently stubled upon a great material about self-learning AI based on curiosity.

Now, the way this scientific project works is very similiar to the way humans learn new things, in particular inĀ music production area. Sounds obvious once you realize it, but often stating the obvious can be the greatest breakthrough.

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Official Youtube channel

Since there are already some videos of my releases (but not only) out there on Youtube, I set up my own channel to share them all in one place.

Warmonger Official Channel

Subscribe it now! There is more to come for sure.

This includes videos of my latest Introscope / Starvation double EP.

Someday I’d also want to add video tutorials about music production and stuff, but it’s not coming this year.

4K in a DAW

I’ve been looking forward to get 4K monitor to use it with DAW and recently made it. I would like now to discuss the benefits and observations in a form of short guide, as seemingly many people are still confused about these.

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