How to make acid basslines

In this video I demonstrate how to create an acid bassline with as many as 8 different synths:

This includes basic patch, full track mix tips as well as a variety of sound design variations for all subtractive synths that I own.

Yep, hard acid basslines are a commonplace in trance music and also a part of my signature sound. You can hear some in a number of releases like Valor, The Beauty of Darkness, Scythe and grab some freebies like recent 42, Jihad or Inhuman.

Hope you find this video helpful.

Loudness War 003: FM Synthesis part 2

Let’s continue the FM synthesis series, shall we?

Mic fixed. Also added a lot of extra graphics to make maths part easier to understand.

Honestly, all this preparation and editing takes a lot of time. Hopefully in the future there will be more music and less theory.

Loudness War 002: FM Synthesis part 1

Let’s continue, shall we?

The early episodes misfired due to very bad microphone quality, but I’m still improving in both audio and video.

This episode is a retake on my presentation about FM synthesis I made almost 4 years ago. Got a lot of material ready to use and explain in some sensible matter, and part 2 is coming.


Launching YouTube Channel: Loudness War

Let’s face it, YouTube is the thing today and text blogs are the thing of the past. So I just launched a new Youtube channel about electronic music production – Loudness War.

It’s focused on EDM mixing, sound design and technicals. No preset browsing, just spot-on sound engineering.

An introduction – personal view of what I am doing here and what I want to do with my channel:

Now, the first actual episode is all about spectrum analyser.

Got many ideas for future videos! Subscribe already not to miss them.

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