2021 Roundup

For many of you it may be suprising, but for me 2021 was the best year in a long time, and probably the best year ever. I live with a conviction that life can be harsh and one could be always prepared for troubles or accidents. Always do more, achieve more, prepare in advance and save more that you need at the time – so if something goes wrong, you have time and resources to recover. The mere fact you’re doing fine in your life doesn’t mean it will stay the same in the future. As a result, I improved my life (and achievements) in many areas, despite lasting pandemic, crumbling economy and more problems that are not likely to go away anytime soon.

For instance, this blog is getting less and less site visits every year – but I’ve got a backup plan in a form of a Youtube channel. Launched two years ago already got more hits over last year than the blog. The number of subscribers doubles every six months and I want to keep up this pace. Video is the way to go, even though it requires a lot of work to get anything finished.

Time is precious, and limited. I always need to keep balance between video making, music production and everyday activities – not only the regular job, but also learning and improving, still looking for better opportunities. It pays in a long run. Every five minutes, every panny saved (or earned) now will pay in the future for years to come.

I’ve also discovered why I actually always have less time than expected and how to fix this problem. More on that in the future, if I manage to fix the issue.

Back to summary: Once again 6 tracks got released this year. I believe the last one – The Realm Never Dreamed – already achieved top production quality and there’s not much room for improvement in this area. It’s more about the style, in other words – creating music that people want to hear. No amount of mixing can make up for the bad ideas or messy arrangement. Recent freebie 42 is an example of that. Of course, as always, there are some projects in the progress as I write this post.

I no longer record DJ mixes and barely have a time to even check recent releases. Well, DJing today seems to be a dead end. Can’t have it all.

But it’s a good idea to try getting as much as possible.

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