2021 Roundup

For many of you it may be suprising, but for me 2021 was the best year in a long time, and probably the best year ever. I live with a conviction that life can be harsh and one could be always prepared for troubles or accidents. Always do more, achieve more, prepare in advance and save more that you need at the time – so if something goes wrong, you have time and resources to recover. The mere fact you’re doing fine in your life doesn’t mean it will stay the same in the future. As a result, I improved my life (and achievements) in many areas, despite lasting pandemic, crumbling economy and more problems that are not likely to go away anytime soon.

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2020 Roundup – The Enlightenment

Usually in these roundup posts I make a summary of stats and achievements, but not today. That’s just narcisissm.

For the entire life I suffered from a mental illness called narcisstic personality disorder. But now I’m healed and it’s just an enlightenment. I’m entirely different person now and soon you will see.

To say that 2021 will be better than 2020 is to say nothing. Forget everything you think you know, it’s completely new reality and sky is the limit.

2019 Roundup


It was one great year for sure!

First of all, I got a better job and moved to a new place, where I set up a studio more comfortable than so far. Not a bedroom producer anymore! Now I have both money and time, two commodities people are always struggling with. Nothing can stop me now!

A plenty of tracks got released – precisely, six of them. While I want to make more and certainly have some more left on my drive, it’s still a record. Another two tracks are already queued for release in 2020, first one coming just in January.

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From The Depths of The Earth guestmix


Polish DJ Chris Vestley asked me to do a progressive guestmix for his radioshow. The deepest set I ever mixed, also the first time I record progressive stuff on my XDJ-RX. The set already got into charts, so you better don’t miss it ūüôā

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2015 roundup

Not everyone in the world enjoys stats, but I do. Especially when they go up. In the modern world it doesn’ really matter who you are and what you do, but how many followers do you have.

This blog noted significant visitors growth, reaching almost 3000 page clicks. This is despite lowest number of blog posts made this year.

Wordpress 2015

The most popular post was new Ableton rack. Also, people seem to look for detailed articles and tutorials rather than my own artistic creativity. Such is life. No one needs an artist, but everyone needs professionals ;). I got some plans for next year, including  a series of video tutorials. We will see how it turns out.

Figures look even better in case of Soundcloud, which grew up by 50%. This is despite the fact the number of followers is pretty much stuck at same number.

Soundcloud 2015

Maybe it’s because there were more tracks posted. I can make them quickly and still have 2 finished tunes I didn’t share in public yet. The most popular track was “Casting Shadows” which was literally made in 3 working days. I must try to repeat it 100 times in the following year ūüėČ

Also, I participated in 2 production and 2 DJ contest, getting twice to finals and winning the latter. That’s why you’ll hear me on EOYC2015 tommorow at 10.00 am CET.

Happy new year!

5000 blog visits

Another milestone reached! This blog got over 5000 visits. I also hit over 2500 plays on Soundcloud  and over 1250 on Mixcloud.

The traffic slowly but gradualy goes up, which means you trust me and come back for some more interesting¬†content. There are at least 3 things I’d like to share with you and which¬†are already¬†finished.

Suprisingly, the very most popular post is recent Ableton rack. This shows I have some future in soundware creation.

Stay tuned!

Woven Drops once again

Forget previous post and previous version, it was all wrong. NOW, this is it!

That was my contest entry for a competition I submitted about 4 months ago. The competition deadline was 2 months ago, unfortunatelly, the results were never announced It seems that hosts have lost their credibility and this is going nowhere.