Freebie: Warmonger – 42

Hello, it’s another freebie I share with you as an overdue X-mas present 🙂 Free for download from Soundcloud.

Yep, it’s an unsuccessful attempt at creating melodic and orchestral uplifting trance. Quite a misadventure in terms of composition as I relied too much upon Orb Composer.

Still, it’s a solid production, so maybe sometone with an ear for unusual tunes will find it interesting.

Also, it’s the first and only production where I tried to use Tone2 Rayblaster 2 – an unique synth based on impulse modeling engine, with a very distinct and pleasant sound.

The Realm Never Dreamed out now!

This release in a fine melodic / uplifting trance tune with epic breakdown. Powerful yet smooth, as I wanted.

Apple Music

Also, certainly my best yet. Having done that, I need to tthink about producing some tunes more in line with commercial standards. It’s not a matter of technical skills anymore, it’s a matter of style.

The Making of: Suntasia Remix

Today let’s take a closer look on Remix of Suntasia by known Marce De Buur, for a request of my home label Tecnomind Music.

Luckily the remix request came soon after lockdown in Poland. My company sent everyone for (paid) vacation so I had a couple of extra weeks I could spend on anything – of course the best option was to make some music. So I sat down and worked every day, finishing it in about three weeks. Which is quick related to normal release schedule – been waiting months for other remixers to complete their task 😛

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The secret plan is Komplete

That’s right! Finally I got the most popular plugin package in the world, which is Komplete Ultimate 12. It was heavily discounted during Native Instruments‘ Summer of Sound – still, not a cheap stuff. Been looking forward to Komplete for years.

Komplete Ultimate 12

So what’s inside?

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