Volume Compensation

An important topic and indispensable part of my workflow. You shouldn’t just turn anything on if it’s making teh sound louder, but not better. Gain staging is also mentioned.

The channel is finally growing and people stay watching videos for much longer. I think this is going somewhere!

Moonspeak (work in progress)

In case you didn’t hear it yet, there’s a clip of my next track.

The clip is one week old already and it has advanced quite far since then. Still, I’m really happy with the sound quality.

That was possible mostly thanks to my new host, Ableton Live 9 and it’s effects. Finally get rid of old (very old) Ultrafunk FX Pack and GCO Compressor in favour of Ableton’s new logarithmic sidechain compressor/expander and bundled Glue compressor developed by friend Cyto. This way I managed to make the track as banging as you can hear it, without any mastering yet. In fact, in this example it clips because of high volume, but still has decent dynamic range.

Other Ableton 9 features, such as high-fidelity equalizer with built-in spectrum analyzer, audio-to midi function (priceless!), better browser and exponential envelopes just make development faster and easier. Also, I’m learning new functions Live has to offer every day and they all turn out useful. This is getting somewhere!