EOYC 2015 mix on AH.FM

Here it is! An attempt to fit “yearmix” in just an hour. 13 tracks is absolutely not enough for me, but nevertheless people who manage to tune in in the morning enjoyed the show. Now you can all listen to the mix whenever you wish 😉


01. Fady & Mina – Kinetics (Original Mix)
02. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
03. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
04. Emanuele Congeddu & Allam – Redemeer’s Sundown (Original Mix)
05. Aeden – Violet (Neo Kekkonen Remix)
06. Adam Ellis – Culture Vulture (Vlind Remix)
07. Dreamy – Defender (Original Mix)
08. Ula – Memories (A&S Remix)
09. Martin Libsen – Ascension (Original Mix)
10. Rich Smith feat. TJ Vincent – If I Was Human (Original Mix)
11. Dark Fusion feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – I Just Close My Eyes (Sunset Remix)
12. Yusef Kifah – Nibiru (Original Mix)
13. Matt Harrison – Her Name Was Ora (Force Multipliers 303 Remix)

Other than that, I don’t plan any other yearmix. Looking forward to future opportunities for great sets 🙂


Join me at EOYC 2015!

Finally here it is! Official schedule for End Of Year Countdown 2015 at Afterhours.fm.

New year at 10:00 am is probably the worst slot possible, but still – it’s the biggest success in my career 🙂 Join me to enter new year with the best trance tunes of past year. Usual powerful trance mix.

Visit Afterhours.fm for tracklists and stuff. Join Facebook event for live chat.

Oh, it’s still 2 weeks away. Don’t worry, there will be more posts in the meantime.

Top 20’14 countdown mix

Here it is. 20 favourite tracks from 2014.


20. Tranceangel feat. Damian Dziechciar – Nobody Looking (Original Mix)
19. Changes – Obedience (Original Mix)
18. Ikerya Project – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Original Mix)
17. Robbie Seed feat. Ai Takekawa – Illusion (Onova Vocal Remix)
16. Borealnight – Majestic (tranzLift Remix)
15. Matt Bukovski & Geert Huinink – Fields Of Forever (Original Mix)
14. French Skies – Invictus (Original Mix)
13. tranzLift – City of the Gods (Original Mix)
12. New World – Giver of Life (Original Mix)
11. Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef – Laily (Photographer Remix)
10. Ascania – Symbiosis (Original Mix)
09. Philippe El Sisi feat. Sarah Lynn – Look Above (Original Mix)
08. Daniel Skyver – Landslide (Original Mix)
07. Allen & Envy with Sarah Lynn – Save Your Last Breath (Original Mix)
06. Michael Retouch – When The Angels Cry (Original Mix)
05. Dreamy & Ikerya Project – Bahamut (Original Mix)
04. RAM & Stine Grove – RAMore (Original Mix)
03. Frank Dattilo – Armageddon (Emanuele Congeddu Remix)
02. Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra – Way Of Light (Original Trance Mix)
01. Sound Apparel – Dream (Original Mix)

I always played 20 tracks over 2 hours. But now with better mixing technique, the set turned out much shorter. I think I’ll need to change formula next year as it’s not as cool now at it used to be.

Top 20’13 Countdown Mix

Merry Christmas everyone! For these of you who didn’t get their present yet or are unsatisfied with the one they got, here’s the mix from me. Best 20 tunes of 2013, sorted in ascending order. This is my 8th yearmix and probably one of the best ones. Full on trance!


Unfortunatelly countdown mix can’t be mixed in key totally, but I did my best and hope you’ll love the result. Here it is:


20. Ikerya Project – Full On Acid (Marian Closca Remix)
19. French Skies – Blaster (Original Mix)
18. Jonathan Carvajal – Rawkoholic (Darren Porter Remix)
17. Abandoned Rainbow feat. Emilia Bartosz – Standing In The Rain (Vocal Mix)
16. E.T Project – Forgotten Dreams (French Skies Emotional Remix)
15. Nymark & Dryden – Indigo Skies (Original Mix)
14. Darren Porter – Talisman (Original Mix)
13. Ben’Yala – One4ty (Original Mix)
12. Conrad Winged & Ascania – Mona Lisa (Martin Libsen remix)
11. Angry Man – Mescaline (Original Mix)
10. tranzLift vs. O.B.M Notion – Lightness (Original Mix)
09. TrancEye – In The Air (Original Mix)
08. Ikerya Project – Ikerya On Acid (Original Mix)
07. Dreamy – Amphora (Jimmy Chou Remix)
06. BluEye – Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
05. The Thrillseekers feat. Stine Grove – Anywhere With You (Solarstone Pure Mix)
04. Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli- Black Hole (Original Mix)
03. Dreamy – Akira (TrancEye Remix)
02. Random X – Principia (Original Dub Mix)
01. System F – Spaceman (Space Raven 2013 Remix)

Listen at Mixcloud


Download from 4shared


And now some thoughts about the past year

  • As you can see (or hear) from the tracklist, there are a lot of techy tunes in there. Psy trance becomes very popular and just better and more varied that it used to be few years ago. There are little of progressive sounds in the mix and no real hard trance / hard house trance as well – but that depends of what and who I follow at the time. There are just way too many tunes to ever check them all.
  • Many talented artists emerged. To name a few: Dreamy, Jimmy Chou, Ascania, Harmonic Rush, Adam Ellis, Ben’Yala, Abandoned Rainbow, O.B.M. Notion, Marcelo Chagra. Allen & Envy have united to provide endless stream of heavy banging trance. I wonder how could I not heard of French Skies or Ico before, they are amazing. Check them all if you didn’t already 🙂
  • It’s been good year for me, as well. Finally met people who shared similiar interest. back then in 2006 when I started, I didn’t know ANYONE who enjoyed trance in person. Now everybody and their dog is DJ and producer, so I get the chance to share my music with some audience. Finally started playing live, so far only as a practice. Also, finished 4 productions in total. Each of them is better than previous. Every next tune and mix gets more interest, so soon I may come back to glory from 2007-2008. 2014 will belong to me }8). Now back to work.

Top 20’12 Countdown Mix

It seems that I already posted that set everywhere but on my own blog.

Top 20’12 Countdown Mix 

20. Ruslan-Set & Powerms feat. V.Ray – Aspiration (Zetandel Chill Remix)
19. Julian Vincent and Shannon Hurley – Lost In Space (DoubleV Remix)
18. Matt Davey – Apocalypse (Matt Skyer Remix)
17. TrancEye pres. Audiopassion – Lonely Midnight
16. Dave Cold feat. RVM – Find A Way
15. James Dymond – Odyssey
14. Brian Cameron – Serotonin Syndrome
13. Sound Apparel – The End
12. Peter Plaznik – Operator Bandit
11. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland feat. Stine Grove – Always With You
10. Sergey Shabanov – Embrace (Ikerya Project Remix)
09. Addictive Glance – Leaving Reality
08. Ronny K vs. Vasaio feat. Jakub Hubner – Im Missing You (Ahmed Romel Dub Remix)
07. Pedro Del Mar & Reorder feat. Fisher – Reaching Out (Original Club Mix)
06. Light & Wave vs. Vlad Gee – Waiting For Your Love (TrancEye Remix)
05. Simon O’Shine – Your Distant World
04. Ancientmind – Dreamchaser
03. Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Last Goodbye
02. Nery – Nineteen Ninety
01. Darren Porter – Culture (TrancEye Remix)


When preparing this, I noticed there are significantly less tunes to choose from this year. It may be because general quality of releases decreased (which is not true). The real reason is that I don’t spend whole day on listening, browsing and searching for best tunes anymore.

When I ran radioshow till 2011, I listened to music all the time, everywhere I could with earphones on. Over last year I gave up, there is no more motivation to do that. Believe me or not, but listening to music can be tiring if you try to track it all the time.

There is also second reason – I spent quite significant amount of time producing my own tunes, which finally pays off. “Nice”, a track finished just yesterday, is exactly what I wanted it to be and tried to make.

Unfortunatelly, man has only one pair of ears. I wish I could listen to more tunes at once, but it’s impossible. Production conflicts with mixing.

Luckily, now I have enough time for both 🙂 Stay tuned.

And enjoy the mix.