Progressive Mix 2017-02-26

I got suprisingly nice feedback after my previous mix, so decided to do some more. Here’s quick progressive mix. I don’t have a time yet for 2-hour Moments of Peace podcast, so I recorded something shorter – but this time live. Enjoy.

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5000 blog visits

Another milestone reached! This blog got over 5000 visits. I also hit over 2500 plays on Soundcloud  and over 1250 on Mixcloud.

The traffic slowly but gradualy goes up, which means you trust me and come back for some more interesting content. There are at least 3 things I’d like to share with you and which are already finished.

Suprisingly, the very most popular post is recent Ableton rack. This shows I have some future in soundware creation.

Stay tuned!

1000 plays on Mixcloud

Today I reached another milestone: 1000 plays on Mixcloud!

Mixcloud 1000 plays

Too bad most of people who click Mixcloud quick immediatelly after the set starts playing. Well, they seem not interested anyway.

Luckily there are few fans who keep returning for new episodes of radioshow. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!


Making and playing music is cool, but it’s even cooler if people actually listen to it. Which is the least predictable phenomenon in the universe.

Firstly, I get some love on, as in the picture:

Stats lie

This doesn’t help much, however, as radio listeners are running low recently and it doesn’t seem it’s going to go up.

Secondly. the number of followers on Mixcloud goes up, but actual number of plays dropped sharply. Cannot explain that.

Finally, my Tribute to Tiff Lacey from last year hit 400 plays in total, which is quite an achievement. Check it out if you didn’t yet.

Make sure you don’t miss these top-quality mixes. Tune in for today’s event… and future ones as well.


Charts, fans and all this mess

Since I’ve been posting music both on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, I can note some observations:

1. There are no rules. You can never know what people will enjoy and what they won’t.

2. Nobody will listen to your promo mixes. However, people will give the most likes to some shit you were afraid to ever share in public.

3. All the music you find the best will get the least listens.

4. The more plays for certain piece, the less likes it gets.

5. People who tell you that you’re amazing and what not are very likely to not follow you at all and leave the website altogether just in a few days.

6. Most of people who visit your webpage were actually googling for cooking receipe and not the music of any kind, especially not the one that you play.

That being said, I’m climbing up on Mixcloud charts every week. Good music always will find its way to the top 😉

Still, if you came on this page on purpose, please follow me on Facebook, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Lots of good stuff coming all the time.

On Mixcloud Charts

Recently Mixcloud introduced new feature that automatically runs separate charts for every tag  (progressive trance, melodic trance for instance). I decided to give it a try and check the very top mixes from weekly charts.

This is somewhat dissapointing. Mixes vary from “I could do that better” to “WTF is this crap”. Seriously, some seemingly popular podcasts feel barely mixed and just random. Today I launched 2nd “progressive trance” mix and was smashed my mainroom rumble at the very beginning. It hurts.

Maybe it’s high expectations, but if something is high on charts and many people enjoy it, I expect the mix of outstanding quality and not just random mock-up of everything author had on hard disk. Not sure what listens to it and why, but I’m sure there must be some real talents somewhere in the world. Or maybe they all got their own radioshows and give up online podcast.

On the other hand, the competition seems to be very poor. The Mixcloud is waiting there to be conquered 🙂 Will need to get some radioshow or even start a podcast someday. The world needs it.

On mixing in general:

As friend Lazarus said, DJ is not a glorified jukebox. It’s not about pushing play with random tracks and yelling “watch me, I am DJ!”. My WInamp can do that and suprisingly it does it pretty well compared to some DJs. It’s about providing consistent quality, an enjoyable experience for the listener. Especially when playing online, where no one cares if you are playing live and interact with public at same time or just have everyting prepared and tested. Internet is the good thing to show off your best.

What makes a good mix? First of all, the mix should be consistent. Abrupt style changes and swapping tracks by force is never pleasant to listener. The mix should grow and flow smoothly – have intro, the body and the finale. That’s why I often merge different styles – upifting trance is nice, but can’t stand it playing over and over for 2 hours straight. There has been  alot of research that people are not able to focus on one thing for more that ~30 minutes. So they drop off if nothing changes in the music.

The music, in broader sense, is about combining predictability and suprise. People want to listen to their favourite style, but want also hear something new. They also need variety, but want to know when the drop comes. It’s all about balance, but balance is a product of planning and not randomness. Better have some idea in your mind before starting a mix, otherwise you could just start music player with “shuffle” option on.