Dance2Trance (Episode 018) 29.10.2014 + some news

This is the latest episode of D2T radioshow:

01. Amos feat. Sarah Jane Neild – It Happens (Mike Rodas Remix)
02. Rene Ablaze – Trance Essentials (Dreamy Remix)
03. Mosahar – What If (Dreamy Remix)
04. Enigma – Titan (Original Mix)
05. Another World – Holding The Sun (Sunset Heat Remix)
06. Mike Septima – Ronin (Martin Libsen Remix)
07. Abandoned Rainbow – Forgotten Dreamer (Original Mix)
08. Solis & Sean Truby – Strength To Strength (Original Mix)
09. Aly & Fila with SkyPatrol feat. Sue McLaren – Running (Extended Mix)
10. Mark L – Black Mamba (Matt Skyer Remix)
11. Ula – Summer Nights (Kinetica Remix)
12. Lucas Deyong – Reflection (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston – Beachbreeze (Original Vocal Mix)

The news are that is closing this weekend. So I hook up to another station, which is Audacity FM. This is completely new station, which means it has no followers yet, but on the other hand gives good opportunity for a good start without wrong management decisions. The show will be aired at the same time as before.


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