Dance2Trance (Episode 014) 01.10.2014

Who’s afraid of 148?

01. Blue Sense – Ionisation Blackout (Original Mix)
02. Federation – Be There (Darren Porter Remix)
03. Matt Eray – Fictive Five (Original Mix)
04. Firestorm – Mjolnir (Original Mix)
05. Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell – Airfoil (Standerwick Remix)
06. Photographer – Rebound (Original Mix)
07. Paul Webster – Hold On (Quest 4 Trance Beach Anthem 2014)
08. Etasonic Vs. Laucco – Someone Like You (Emanuele Congeddu’s Epic Take)
09. Vitaly Otto – Exciting (Vitaly Otto’14 Rework)
10. E.T Project – Free (2014 Reworked)
11. Chris Raynor – Kepler (Original Mix)
12. Space Raven vs. S.H.O.K.K. – Golden Years (Original Mix)
13. Classic: Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Technikal Remix)

Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t play any hard house for a while, but here it is. Overall I’m very satisfied with the mix – starts with tech, then goes melodic and uplifting, finally hard trance. Just like back in the old days, but now it’s all in key and custom mixer setup. Enjoy.


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