Epic Trance Mix 2016-07-05

This time it’s another epic mix – big instrumental breaks, vocals and symphonic melodies. Usual stuff ­čÖé

Also check the old epic mix from 2014 here.


01. Afternova – Watching The Stars (Original Mix)
02. Khoa Tran – The Trip (Original Mix)
03. Allen & Envy – Erebus (Original Mix)
04. Aziz Aouane & Jeitam Osheen – Age Of Pharaohs (Original Mix)
05. Hasso & Derin – Light of Ruin (Original Mix)
06. Dima Krasnik Pres. Universal Sense – Universe (Original Mix)
07. Omniks & Eufonica – Adelia (Original Mix)
08. Alex Shevchenko – Lost Temple Of Tsathoggua (Original Mix)
09. Kenan Teke – Expectation (Original Mix)
10. Marcprest – Way Of Life (Original Mix)
11. Hivanova – Pixels (Magic Sense & Spins Remix)
12. Obi – La Esperanza (Original Mix)
13. Marcprest feat. Rita Raga – You Re Not Gone (Original Mix)
14. Aldo Henrycho – Elaine (SoundLift remix)
15. Roger Shah & Leilani – Love Heals You (Original Mix)
16. KUNO – Olymp (Original Mix)
17. Alternate High – Atlantis (Mezzo Forte Remix)

All in all, these mixes take way too much time to prepare. it’s anot about actually mixing stuff, but preparing ┬átracklists with hundreds and thousands tracks avaibale. I need too figure out another way.


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