The winner can be only one

And that’s me 🙂 I won a contest hosted by and will play on Afterhours.FM during End Of Year Countdown. Exact shedule is not know yet, will post again if there is some info available.

And here’s the winner set, recorded with my XDJ-RX:


01. Imida – Hysteria (2015 Rework)
02. Skyborn – Aurora (Original Mix)
03. Manuel Le Saux – Bodhisattva (Original Mix)
04. Aeden – Piano Sonata (Original Mix)
05. Tribal Point & Eclipse – Spyware (Original Mix)
06. Yusef Kifah – Hybrid (Original Mix)
07. Lightning vs. Waveband – Dance Valley (Original Mix)
08. Ikerya Project – Zod (Original Mix)
09. James Poulton – Anodyne (Amir Hussain Remix)

It’s a huge progress since early 2006, when I took LAST place in UKTA DJ Mix contest. Someone said it takes 10 years to achieve success and I’m getting there.


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