Andy Groove – Impellent (Remix)

So here it is! My latest track prepared for contest. It’s a straightforward but huge uplifter at 138 BPM.

I really enjoyed original material I got and used pretty much all MIDI from remix pack, including bassline. Didn’t add too much of content or unsual ideas, the melody is strong enough to hold on its own. It was all about sound design, layering and modulation, then mixdown. It was great to see how this tune is coming from “just typical trance” to “oustanding” just over a day. It all was made just in a 6 days, had a week off.

The track was a test ride for my new plugin Hybrid 3, which is perfectly suited trance workhorse. It turned out better than expected in terms of sound, although it’s relatively limted synth. About 80% sounds were made using Hybrid 3, with little support of Harmor. Acusting instruments come from Xpand 2. And yes, I got AIR instrument pack, which is worth another post at least.

The most important elements were chorus and reverb. They allowed me to turn pretty rough leads into smoothest sounds that fill entire space in the mix. Also recently I discovered huge chorus is a key ingredient of JP8000-like supersaws which you can hear in finale. This is so much better than oversaturated wall of noise which you cna hear in many modern productions that in result sound all the same. Lead needs some colour! I used free TAL Chorus-LX together with Eventide Blackhole nonlinear reverb. If I didn’t get that plugin for free, I wouldn’t even know I need such a thing. Endless modulated, lush reverb tails with limited, controllable amplitude.

The mix starts with pretty rough basline, though, and only yesterday I discovered what’s wrong with it. Well, better luck next time. I hope to maker another 3 “normal” trancers before end of this year.


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