John Fisherman – Mirage Remix

Another track. In fact the only one finished this year. It’s pretty ususual both for me and for progressive genre as a whole. How did it come to live? Well, it ticks many boxes:

  • Sometime this year I felt strong in mix / mastering, and wanted to try if I can make quality sounds out of anything.
  • I’ve got Live 10 and wanted to test drive it, using mostly (if not only) sounds it provides.
  • There was a remix contest hosted by Exia Recordings, who were looking for heavy genres: deep / progressive house, psy and techno among others.
  • I need quality stuff for showcase, that covers many different styles.

So here it is. A track made with pretty no idea to begin with, that is a remix of original which I didn’t feel at all. It combines so many different sounds that it’s hard to assign it to any particular style. In general, it’s progressive and dark / heavy, with odd psy squelches.

But it’s also groovy, thick and ticks all the boxes. Hope you enjoy it!

Too bad I didn’t win the contest, but hosts listened to it 8 times or so before giving up. That was close I guess. Maybe next time I should stick to good ideas in first place, as mix is not an issue anymore.


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