Rompasso – Angetenar Remix

Another remix prepared for a contest (so far, the last one) – pure trance at 140 BPM. It quickly turned out exactly how I imagined it. Now you can enjoy this properly mastered version. Check this freebie!

The original was pretty simple and straightforward, check it on Youtube. 103 BPM is nowhere near trance, though these blipy sounds and great atmosphere immediately remind me oldschool progressive stuff like PPK – Resurrection. That’s where I aimed at. Also, there’s catchy vocal. I hope i doesn’t mean anything sensible, used it just like another instrument. The vocal was drowned in reverb, which made it the hardest part of production.

Then come the synth. There was no MIDI in remix pack, so I used Ableton “extract harmony” feature. It resulted in simple 4-chord progression, but also in artifacts. I used these artifacts creatively to add some unusual motiffs and very interesting background sounds.

For the job I picked AIR Loom again, which did most of the work – especially trancy digital, swirling pads and effects. Also it’s accompanied by Sylenth1 for conventional stuff. Also added toned down, background supersaw lead to add some proper trance energy. Used usual Bach arpeggio based on chords and artifacts mentioned earlier. Just everything played well with everything else. Additive Loom sounds were smoothed with tons of chorus, Blackhole and harmonizers. No real-world sound used in thsi track, the percussion was synthesized with help of some built-in M4L devices. They turned out suprisingly good for this purpose.

Unfortunatelly, Soundcloud no longer seems to be a place for any music promotion since groups were removed. Pretty much no random users listen to these tunes unless they are bots. Looking for other opportunities to share my sounds. Probably the only reliable way is to release something eventually, didn’t send anything to a label for months.

One thing to point out: I don’t just want to create a tune of commercial quality. Since many modern productions are unsatisfactory, I just want to make it better.

Artwork credit: link



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