Convergence is out!

Today my humble discography doubled in size 😉 It’s the first solo single released on Speedsound label, available in stores all around the Internet.

Convergence cover 300 x 300

Juno (better preview)

“Convergence” is a  banging full-on psytrance with quite elaborate arrangement. It originally started early 2016, but I kept coming and tweaking it over and over. As usual, I did all the mix and mastering on my own and finally nailed it, hence the contract 🙂 If it works, I will keep this technique for future singles. In paricular “Dolores” remix I need to finish ASAP.

Most of sounds are FM synthesis from Operator, but I also used full stock of my synths at that time – Sylenth1, Serum, Dune 2 and Harmor (for the first time). I still didn’t know much about psytrance, so it was a journey through synthesis – dozens of patches, all modulated. In general FM squelch works every time, in different configurations. These weird noises are difficult to mix and balance though. The bass is easy, however, once I figured out how to.

From the beginning I aimed at elaborate, evolving arrangement. It was going out of control, so in finalle I played mostly same motiffs but with swapped instruments. For sure it’s not another cliche psy track, but at least a few friends not familiar with psy enjoyed it!

And this is my favourite psy ever, which I used as a main inspiration:

Cover art & design done on my own as well with teh help of Mandelbulb3D. At least I didn’t have to wait 3 months until label gets it done 😉

What now? My TO-DO list is long and growing, no time to waste. See you in the future!


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