Beekeeper’s Muse remix contest

I’m quite digging all the remix contests now, the tracks just come one after another. Here’s an attempt to remix a synthpop, with actual vocals – new thing to me. The original track is clearly amazing and I just wanted to make it similiar but even better, more EDM-friendly rather than pop. This prog-house turned out very satisfactory, just check it on your own. I believe this is an easy-listening tune also non-EDM heads can tolerate. Also, the track is light on compression so sounds more like a pop than hard-limited club tune. Enjoy!

For this remix I picked my new LuSH-101 for the first time. It is a faithful recreation of old synths from 80s with very distinct and light sound, which is just what I wanted for electronic pop. It did the job very well, though shows some RAM usage issues which are yet to be fixed by developers.

Since the contest is sponsored by Eventide with lots of massive awards, I had to use their plugin. Which is not a problem, since now I use Blackhole in every tune.

On related note, I probably need to give up remixes for a while and finish some older trance projects before getting new PC next year.


One thought on “Beekeeper’s Muse remix contest

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