Ruska – Saimaa Remix is out!

Ta-da, my first release is live! That was possible thanks to remix contest organised by Black Lemon Records, which I won.

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It is 20th production till date and yes, it’s progressive (house?) track. Moreover, this trancy break cut is pretty unfortunate and unrelated to original.

But trust me, it’s a great artistic endeavour. With groove!


The track was made using AIR Loom (mostly) , Serum and little help of Dune 2. It also heavily features samples – both taken from original remix pack and a plenty of “jungle” samples picked by hand from

The idea behind this remix was to create “abstract jungle” or “surreal garden”, using weird synths (Loom is additive) and organic samples straight from rainforest. You can hear clearly various birds, unindentified animals as well as jungle ambience. Great, unreal depth was possible thanks to Eventide Blackohole. It’s also great tool to smooth out harsh, additive blips.


Or, to sum things up, it’s a weird shit.

This tells us two important things:

  • I can make good music from anything
  • Original tunes still have a chance for a release

The future is bright. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Ruska – Saimaa Remix is out!

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