Favourite Free Effects

Some months ago I listed my purchased plugins, now it’s the time for the list of free ones you can download and use with no charge. I used all of them and plan to continue so, they are just awesome and get the job done.

Musical Entropy Spaceship Delay

Latest KVR Dev Challenge winner. Has all the functions you would need from delay – can be very digital or analog, simple or exotic. My go-to rhytmic delay unit, which can do special FX as well.

Adam Szabo’s Phazor

Classic Virus phaser. Awesome sound, works just right. Simple controls. The little drawback is tiny size of this thing. Only 32 bit.

TAL Chorus LX

One-knob wonder. It does have more than just one know, but I always use it with same settings anyway. Perfect nonlinear chorus to round otherwise sharp / mono sounds.

Auburn Sounds Panagement

Binaural panner which creates very realistic acoustic perspective. The basic version is completely free. there is also paid version with some LFOs and stuff, but I never needed them anyway.

lkjb SuperSpread

One-knob unison / chorus resembling classic 7-voice stereo supersaw. Excellent on monosynths, additive / FM synths and generally anything that needs angry unison to get wider and thicker spectrum.

Acon Multiply

Nice transparent chorus, suitable for vocals and acoustic instruments where you don’t want to go wild.


Bright, noisy and airy exciter. Awesome tonal balance, large controls let you always dial the right amount of saturation into leads na basses that need it. In particular it made day and night difference in Starvation lead.


Very simple transient shaper. Looks good, sounds good. What else to say?


Simple clipper, I use it on sum early in the master chain. Allows smooth and transparent boost in volume, knobs allow subtle control of bass bass and peak compression – very easy to get it right.


Complex “transient’aware” compressor. Difficult to dial in the right settings, but once you do it, it’s unmatched on groups. Very unique and effective device. 32-bit only, but has large GUI verison.


Free open-source scope, spectrum analyzer and what not. Resizable GUI and bazillion of options make it indispensable in serious sound design and mix. The functionality and amount of polish of this piece of software is mindblowing!

This list should also include Diffuse I grabbed once, but it’s not available for free anymore.

Note that all these plugins are very simple – because they just do their job instead of flooding use with hundreds of controls. That’s why I like them and that’s how I’m actually able to finish tracks.

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