Let’s do this again

To make any career in music business, I need a portfolio of great quality tracks in first place. Unfortunatelly, as it usually works, the old and poor ones end up on Soundcloud and the new ones can’t find their way through labels for months. So, need to fix that.

This is a rework of 2016 remix contest entry. The original was pure gold and the competition level was terrible overall, so I had to do it justice. Now you can enjoy this gem in top quality!

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Spring Mix 2014

The spring mix #9 is now finished. I record one every year around first day of spring to celebrate coming of the most beautiful season. It’s just like spring breeze – gentle, progressive, positive. beautiful and melodic, fading from chillout to uplifting.

It’s been 8 years now and things changed considerably. First of all, it’s mixed in key. Surely you will hear huge improvement over previous trials. Secondly, finally the ambient / chillout part is sorted out. It seems it’s impossible to complete nice key progression in key, tempo and style without browsing 20+ pages of Beatport. Still, some of great tunes were left unused.

Better listen to it already, as it turned out nice.



01. Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet (Magdelayna Chilled Remake)
02. Solarmax – Aural Movements (Original Mix)
03. The Challenger – Midnight Black (Original mix)
04. Thorin – Forgotten Places (Original Mix)
05. Fawn & Digital Sixable – Where Has Your Love Gone (Original Mix)
06. Coldplay – Clocks (Mark Lower Remix)
07. Cold Rush & Danny Claire – Gravity (Original Mix)
08. Thomas Hayes – Cirrus (Original Mix)
09. Airwave pres. Lolo – Laia’s Daydream (Original Mix)
10. Terry Da Libra & David Broaders – Loss Aversion (Original Mix)
11. Luigi Lusini – Life Like a Movie (Original Mix)
12. Furkan Senol – Serene Sky (Original Mix)
13. Erick Strong & Eskova – Another Day Of Life (Turn Remix)
14. Shingo Nakamura – The Four (Sundriver Remix)
15. Gareth Emery pres. GTR – Mistral (Tucandeo Rework)
16. Extravagance SL – Brera (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
17. Estrax & Aley&Oshay – Stop Tryin’ (Original Mix)
18. Johnny Yono feat. Carol Lee – We Will Live (Temple One Remix)
19. Smokers Area & Guerrero feat. Cory Friesenhan – Unfold Scenes (Manuel Rocca Remix)
20. Adam Lester – Tranquility (Magdelayna ‘Tranquil State’ Remix)
21. Allen & Envy with Sarah Lynn – Save Your Last Breath (Original Mix)
22. Fictivision vs. C-Quence – Symbols (UDM Bootleg 2014)
23. O.B.M Notion & Frank Dattilo pres. Alias – The Winter Breath (Original Mix)
24. O.B.M Notion – Peacefulness (Original Mix)
25. Seneta & Ben Shaw – Valhalla (Original Mix)
26. Ascania – Symbiosis (Original Mix)
27. Vasaris – Days Of Future Past (Original Mix)
28. New World – Giver of Life (Original Mix)

Download from 4shared (320 kbps)

One tip to producers: do not use exactly same percussion in each of your tune, as O.B.M. Notion does, as when mixed together it starts to flange terribly. Argh.

An extra info: for 2015 mix, which will be the 10th in series, I plan to go for classic edition. Warning, it may involve some absurd classic selection.

But now, just enjoy the mix.

Top 20’13 Countdown Mix

Merry Christmas everyone! For these of you who didn’t get their present yet or are unsatisfied with the one they got, here’s the mix from me. Best 20 tunes of 2013, sorted in ascending order. This is my 8th yearmix and probably one of the best ones. Full on trance!


Unfortunatelly countdown mix can’t be mixed in key totally, but I did my best and hope you’ll love the result. Here it is:


20. Ikerya Project – Full On Acid (Marian Closca Remix)
19. French Skies – Blaster (Original Mix)
18. Jonathan Carvajal – Rawkoholic (Darren Porter Remix)
17. Abandoned Rainbow feat. Emilia Bartosz – Standing In The Rain (Vocal Mix)
16. E.T Project – Forgotten Dreams (French Skies Emotional Remix)
15. Nymark & Dryden – Indigo Skies (Original Mix)
14. Darren Porter – Talisman (Original Mix)
13. Ben’Yala – One4ty (Original Mix)
12. Conrad Winged & Ascania – Mona Lisa (Martin Libsen remix)
11. Angry Man – Mescaline (Original Mix)
10. tranzLift vs. O.B.M Notion – Lightness (Original Mix)
09. TrancEye – In The Air (Original Mix)
08. Ikerya Project – Ikerya On Acid (Original Mix)
07. Dreamy – Amphora (Jimmy Chou Remix)
06. BluEye – Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
05. The Thrillseekers feat. Stine Grove – Anywhere With You (Solarstone Pure Mix)
04. Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli- Black Hole (Original Mix)
03. Dreamy – Akira (TrancEye Remix)
02. Random X – Principia (Original Dub Mix)
01. System F – Spaceman (Space Raven 2013 Remix)

Listen at Mixcloud


Download from 4shared


And now some thoughts about the past year

  • As you can see (or hear) from the tracklist, there are a lot of techy tunes in there. Psy trance becomes very popular and just better and more varied that it used to be few years ago. There are little of progressive sounds in the mix and no real hard trance / hard house trance as well – but that depends of what and who I follow at the time. There are just way too many tunes to ever check them all.
  • Many talented artists emerged. To name a few: Dreamy, Jimmy Chou, Ascania, Harmonic Rush, Adam Ellis, Ben’Yala, Abandoned Rainbow, O.B.M. Notion, Marcelo Chagra. Allen & Envy have united to provide endless stream of heavy banging trance. I wonder how could I not heard of French Skies or Ico before, they are amazing. Check them all if you didn’t already šŸ™‚
  • It’s been good year for me, as well. Finally met people who shared similiar interest. back then in 2006 when I started, I didn’t know ANYONE who enjoyed trance in person. Now everybody and their dog is DJ and producer, so I get the chance to share my music with some audience. Finally started playing live, so far only as a practice. Also, finished 4 productions in total. Each of them is better than previous. Every next tune and mix gets more interest, so soon I may come back to glory from 2007-2008. 2014 will belong to me }8). Now back to work.

Tribute To Tiff Lacey

It is ready. The biggest and best set ever.


Tiff Lacey is one of the greatest and certainly the most proliftic singer and songwriter in EDM history. Everybody know her voice from biggest hits, though not everybody knows how large her discography is. She is capable of singing everything in any pitch or style.

Her lyrics are full, poetic and inspired. Her songs unfold as they progress, changing melody and feel, many times in a track. They cover a variety of topics, can be brilliant and suprising.

Well, I can’t describe it any better than her songs do. You can see some more info on WIki. I learned many suprising facts from there and her interviews!


For this tribute I had to get through over 180 tracks in her discography, often with many remixes. Some of them were not released in digital, others seem to be not released at all. Gathering them all was a challenge and took me at least a month, apart from the ones I already had.

Amoth these tracks there were many discoveries – including Strange Liaison or Memories, which I didn’t know, but also old tunes like Changes or Love Again which I heard long time ago but didn’t know she is the author.

The size of her discography is overwhelming. I started with 138 tracks spanning 17 hours and it took me 2 days to listen to it for first time. I tried to get it down to 40 to fit in 3 hours, but it seemed impossible. Lots of great tunes were discarded, including my favourite Open Your Mind remix by Will B. Only greatest hits and favourites were left, as well as few songs just to keep key progression intact.

But in the end, it’s ready. I hope everybody will enjoy the mix as much as I do.

Listen at mixcloud


Download link




01. Cosmic Gate feat. Tiff Lacey – Open Your Heart
02. Cosmic Gate – Should’ve Known (Extended Mix)
03. ATB – Marrakech (Clubb Mix)
04. Bobina feat. Tiff Lacey – Where Did You Go (First State Intro Mix)
05. Marco Torrance Feat Tiff Lacey- Free Of Fear (Original Mix)
06. Paul Oakenfold Feat. Tiff Lacey – Hypnotised (Kowalski 12″ mix)
07. Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost pres. AM – Arise (Vocal Mix)
08. Adam Nickey feat. Tiff Lacey – Letting Go (Original Mix)
09. Keenan & Anderson Feat Tiff Lacey – Runaway (Original Vocal Mix)
10. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey – Close Your Eyes (Andy Moor Remix)
11. Abbott & Chambers feat. Tiff Lacey – Strange Liaison (Original Mix)
12. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey – Symphony of Soul
13. E-mortal feat. Tiff Lacey – Beneath A Gentle Sky (Original Mix)
14. Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey – Coming Down (Sequentia Remix)
15. Headstrong – Show Me The Love (Adam White’s Dancing With The Stars Remix)
16. Wippenberg – Promised Land (Extended Mix)
17. Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)
18. Matt Bukovski feat Tiff Lacey – Swept Away (Original Mix)
19. Tom Cloud feat. Tiff Lacey – Secretly (Original Mix)
20. Neo and Farina feat. Tiff Lacey – The Eternal (Will Holland Remix)
21. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey – The Truth (David West Mix)
22. Robimon feat. Tiff Lacey – Goodbye (Original Mix)
23. Maciej Panczyk feat Tiff Lacey – Handle Me With Care (CHRON!C Remix)
24. Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey – Home (Mike Shiver Catching Sun Remix)
25. Teya feat. Tiff Lacey – Only You (Simon Bostock Remix)
26. ATB – Here With Me
27. Rozza feat. Tiff Lacey – No More Rain (Rozza vs. Kiholm Club Mix)
28. ATB – Ecstasy (Club Mix)
29. Chus Liberata feat. Tiff Lacey – Beds (Imperfection Remix)
30. Danyella & Tiff Lacey – Memories (Original Mix)
31. Redd Square feat. Tiff Lacey – In Your Hands (Minimalistix Remix)
32. Luke Terry feat. Tiff Lacey – The Last Farewell (Original Mix)
33. Abbott & Chambers – Where Are You (Onova Remix)
34. Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi – Wildfires (Original Mix)
35. Inner State – Changes (John O’Callaghans Exposure Festival Remix)
36. Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak feat. Tiff Lacey – Fall Into The Moon (Original Mix)
37. Javah feat. Tiff Lacey – One By One 2009 (Dima Krasnik extended mix)
38. Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey – Love Again (Airbase Vocal Remix)
39. Lee Haslam feat. Tiff Lacey – Calling To Old Souls
40. Type 41 & Tiff Lacey – Never Forget You (Original Mix)
41. Ivan Mateluna feat. Tiff Lacey – Be My Inspiration (SoundLift Remix)

Love it and share it.

On side note, I used new setup and new mixing techniques for this mix. It’s not only sounds good (I hope you agree), but also is nice and straightforward to control.