Moments of Peace 04

Another episode of progressive podcast. This time it turned out more deep rather than chilled, but it’s just as good as usual. Only minor keys – perfect for long winter nights.


01. Sound Quelle – Allarg (Original Mix)
02. JayB – Reverberation (Deep Mix)
03. Flynn & Denton – Second Chapter (Gai Barone Remix)
04. Reiklavik – Hex (Nkoder Remix)
05. Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Not Enough (Thomas Vink Remix)
06. Chris Deep – Step Forward
07. Laniakea – Free Fall (Original Mix)
08. Schodt – Gianni (Sundriver Remix)
09. Jallen – Blue Horizons
10. Rich Smith, Kimberly Hale – When the Sun Comes Up (Original Mix)
11. 2loop & EvGen FM – Sand Castles (Original Mix)
12. Roman Babanov – Sunny Summer (Original Mix)
13. Laniakea – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
14. Red Sun Rising – Moments When We Wonder
15. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (You Are My Salvation Remix)
16. Jean Pierre Mirage – Athos (Original Mix)
17. DJ Deny – Mind Trick (Rangga Electroscope Remix)
18. Airforlife feat. Sam Vince – Summer Love (Chill Mix)
19. Jeremy Vancaulart, Assaf feat. Laura Aqui – The Space Between
20. Aigio Vono – Yuki (Original Mix)
21. The Green Martian – A Last One For The Road (Gary Delaney Oldschool Remix)
22. Roman Hope – LTA
23. Vasiliy Goodkov – Amethyst (Original Mix)
24. Lence & Pluton – Shine (Original Mix)
25. Matt Holliday – New Leaf (Original Mix)
26. Forerunners – Fading Signs (Original Mix)
27. Furkan Senol – Lost (Original Mix)
28. Hazem Beltagui – The Unbroken (Original Mix)

Thanks to this set I already was asked to do a guestmix. More info next week!

Moments of Peace 03

Next episode of my suprisingly popular podcast. Chilled and progressive, perfect for weekend.


01. Anton Dhouran – Tales Of Phyre
02. Matt Holliday – Takeover (Original Mix)
03. Laniakea – Shore Of Heaven (Original Mix)
04. Rodg – Hot Merchandise (Original Mix)
05. Forerunners – Watching The Lights Go Down (Original Mix)
06. Arctic Lake – Limits (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)
07. Laniakea – Skyborn (Takaki Matsuda Remix)
08. Talamanca – A Day At the Beach
09. Furkan Senol – Childhood Dream (Original Mix)
10. DenSity FuZion – No Looking Back (Original Mix)
11. Aruma – Memories (Original Mix)
12. Ascend, Lycii – Morning Rain (Original Mix)
13. Forerunners – A Fleeting Glimpse (Original Mix)
14. Max Gueli – Xperience (Original Mix)
15. Luigi Lusini – Tranceggiando (Original Mix)
16. Roman Messer feat. Lj Ayrten – Break The Ice (Denis Kenzo Remix)
17. Danny Stubbs – Space Music (Original Mix)
18. Mario De Caine – Sensation (Original Mix)
19. Zage feat. Ekatherina April – Summer Rain (Original Mix)
20. Snow Flakes – Feel (Original Mix)
21. Talamanca – Expedition
22. Linemoon – Unfamiliar (Richard Bass Remix)
23. Max Meyer – Yamantau (Original Mix)
24. Radion6 & Katty Heath – Beautiful Nothing (IRA Remix)
25. Black PearL – Bellagio (Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch Original Mix)
26. Costa – Prediction (Original Mix)
27. Taglo – Endless Nights (Daniel Rise Remix)
28. School Of Seven Bells – Reappear (Thomas Datt Remix)

Previous episodes got quite a number of plays, so I will be making more :).

Moments of Peace 02

Here’s another chilled, progressive mix – Moments of Peace 02. This time the tracklist was picked more carefully, so you get 2 hours of seemless sound progression 🙂


01. Max Denoise & Harnam – Entropia (TwilightJ Chill Mix)
02. KopfHoerer – Beauty (Original Mix)
03. Adam Sobiech & John Glenn – NYC (Original Mix)
04. Trilucid – Roof Tops (Original Mix)
05. High Above & Blue Wings – Above The Blue (Original Mix)
06. LTN feat. Arielle Maren – Let Me Go (Original Mix)
07. Alex Vidal – Pieces of a Dream (Original Mix)
08. Trilucid – Alchemy (Original Mix)
09. Sam Davies – Nightmist (Original Mix)
10. Zack Roth – Sleep Talking (Original Mix)
11. Andrea Bertolini – Trigger (Max Freegrant Remix)
12. Aley & Oshay – Blue Lines (South Pole Remix)
13. Trilucid – Take A Breath (Original Mix)
14. Denis Kenzo & Kimberly Hale – Find The Light (Original Mix)
15. Damien Spaceman – Discovery (Original Mix)
16. D&Z – Lovely (Original Mix)
17. Nick Nider & Some College – Regatta (Nick Nider Remix)
18. Trilucid – No Matter (Original Mix)
19. Alistair Albrecht feat. Matt Heanes – Once More (Vocal Mix)
20. Alter Future – Dreamland (Original Mix)
21. Shawn Mitiska & Sedi – Double Tap (Original Mix)
22. Global Experience – Turtle Bay (Original Mix)
23. Hanski – Smoke It Out (Original Mix)
24. Yang feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – Hearts At War (Original Mix)
25. Trilucid – Last Train (Original Mix)
26. Artifi – Shamisen (Robert Dalshetch Remix)
27. Chris Deep – Walking Alone
28. Red Orbit & Danny Stubbs – You’re Not Alone Out There (Original Mix)

New podcast: Moments of Peace

In case you wondered, I can play much more than just 140 BPM all night long. Here’s new chilled and progressive mix. Perfect for hangovers or just weekend rest.

01. Thomas Datt – Mass Effect 2.5 (Chilled Mix)
02. Bee Hunter – The Sin (Original Mix)
03. Soundprank – Flare (Clameres Remix)
04. Wellenrausch – Rivers Deep (LTN Remix)
05. Everlight – Revenio (David Broaders Remix)
06. Jeremy Rowlett – Only (Original Mix)
07. BlackWhyte – Beyond (Original Mix)
08. Dave Horne – Cotton (Original Mix)
09. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Amy Pearson – Hurricane (LTN Remix)
10. RageVision – No Fear (South Pole Remix)
11. Nikhil Prakash feat. Trianda – Dreamers (Original Mix)
12. Monoverse – Kheira (Original Mix)
13. Helix – To Love Again (Original Mix)
14. Alter Future – October 3rd (T-Amo Remix)
15. C-Systems feat. Lira Yin – In Another Life (Original Mix)
16. Sleep Mode – Last Pluck (Original Mix)
17. Aitra – Through It All (Original Mix)
18. Adam Sobiech – Memories (Original Mix
19. Simza – We Are (Original Mix)
20. Bee Hunter – May the 4th (Original Mix)
21. Another World – Holding The Sun (Original Mix)
22. Andromedha – Until The End (Original Mix)
23. Mosahar – Where Are You (Original Mix)
24. Eddie Lung & DJ T.H. with Solid Skill – Winds Of Change (LTN Remix)
25. Reiklavik feat. Ica – Love In Warsaw (Original Mix)
26. Vitodito – Multiplicaciones (2014 Respray)
27. Andromedha – We Are Only Dust In The Universe (Original Mix)
28. LTN – Teardrops (Original Mix)

I will probably make some more mixes from time to time, depending on interest and popularity. This one was assembled pretty quickly from tracks I amassed over last few months and could be better if I spent more time (and money :P) on it.

Spring Mix 2014

The spring mix #9 is now finished. I record one every year around first day of spring to celebrate coming of the most beautiful season. It’s just like spring breeze – gentle, progressive, positive. beautiful and melodic, fading from chillout to uplifting.

It’s been 8 years now and things changed considerably. First of all, it’s mixed in key. Surely you will hear huge improvement over previous trials. Secondly, finally the ambient / chillout part is sorted out. It seems it’s impossible to complete nice key progression in key, tempo and style without browsing 20+ pages of Beatport. Still, some of great tunes were left unused.

Better listen to it already, as it turned out nice.



01. Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet (Magdelayna Chilled Remake)
02. Solarmax – Aural Movements (Original Mix)
03. The Challenger – Midnight Black (Original mix)
04. Thorin – Forgotten Places (Original Mix)
05. Fawn & Digital Sixable – Where Has Your Love Gone (Original Mix)
06. Coldplay – Clocks (Mark Lower Remix)
07. Cold Rush & Danny Claire – Gravity (Original Mix)
08. Thomas Hayes – Cirrus (Original Mix)
09. Airwave pres. Lolo – Laia’s Daydream (Original Mix)
10. Terry Da Libra & David Broaders – Loss Aversion (Original Mix)
11. Luigi Lusini – Life Like a Movie (Original Mix)
12. Furkan Senol – Serene Sky (Original Mix)
13. Erick Strong & Eskova – Another Day Of Life (Turn Remix)
14. Shingo Nakamura – The Four (Sundriver Remix)
15. Gareth Emery pres. GTR – Mistral (Tucandeo Rework)
16. Extravagance SL – Brera (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
17. Estrax & Aley&Oshay – Stop Tryin’ (Original Mix)
18. Johnny Yono feat. Carol Lee – We Will Live (Temple One Remix)
19. Smokers Area & Guerrero feat. Cory Friesenhan – Unfold Scenes (Manuel Rocca Remix)
20. Adam Lester – Tranquility (Magdelayna ‘Tranquil State’ Remix)
21. Allen & Envy with Sarah Lynn – Save Your Last Breath (Original Mix)
22. Fictivision vs. C-Quence – Symbols (UDM Bootleg 2014)
23. O.B.M Notion & Frank Dattilo pres. Alias – The Winter Breath (Original Mix)
24. O.B.M Notion – Peacefulness (Original Mix)
25. Seneta & Ben Shaw – Valhalla (Original Mix)
26. Ascania – Symbiosis (Original Mix)
27. Vasaris – Days Of Future Past (Original Mix)
28. New World – Giver of Life (Original Mix)

Download from 4shared (320 kbps)

One tip to producers: do not use exactly same percussion in each of your tune, as O.B.M. Notion does, as when mixed together it starts to flange terribly. Argh.

An extra info: for 2015 mix, which will be the 10th in series, I plan to go for classic edition. Warning, it may involve some absurd classic selection.

But now, just enjoy the mix.

Spring Mix 2013

It’s the same time every year – first day of spring! Although quick look through the window doesn’t reveal any signs of upcoming season, I decided to share the mix anyway. The music is more important than some minor weather anomalies.


Warmonger – Spring Mix 2013 by Warmonger on Mixcloud

This edition is probably the most chilled, downtempo mix so far, which is good. There are also some great progressive, melodic tracks and uplifters to follow. The excessive number of chillout tracks made it really a challenge to mix, but I hope it was worth it.

Make sure to check full version of my single “Nice”, it’s the first time it’s ever played in full in public. It’s just crazy uplifter over-the-top.


01. Soundlift – Savage Islands
02. Frost Fact – Heartache Original (Chillout Mix)
03. Damian Wasse – The Life Has Not Ended
04. Platinum Butterfly – New Day
05. Dione – Cloud Atlas
06. Emma Hewitt – Crucify (Zetandel Chillout Remix)
07. Seven24 & Soty feat. R.I.B. – Perfect Day
08. Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Radar Detector Remix)
09. Snow Flakes & Rishabh Joshi feat. Ekatherina April – Kiss The Night (Oren Chill Out Mix)
10. Cathy Burton – Go The Distance (Bryan Milton Remix)
11. NDS & Blue vs Spark7 – Senses (Orbion Remix)
12. Blugazer – Sunset Over Simplicity
13. Erik Iker – Deep Green
14. Aku & Ghazaly vs. Matt Bukovski – Reflections (Orbion Remix)
15. Dmitry Glushkov – My Melody
16. Talamanca & Velden feat. Isa Bell – One Embrace (Pierre In The Air Remix)
17. Estiva – Smiley Smilesworth
18. Emma Hewitt – This Picture (Marlo Remix)
19. Rospy – Impatient Glance (Anden State Remix)
20. Alex Wright – Revelation
21. The Thrillseekers feat. Stine Grove – Anywhere With You (Solarstone Pure Mix)
22. Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Falcons (Giuseppe Ottaviani Onair Mix)
23. Dj Geri – Clear Sky
24. Aerial State – Violins and Fantasies
25. Vangelis – Hymne (Cymatics Emotional Remix)
26. Warmonger – Nice
27. Haris C – Time To Say Goodbye (Sly One vs. Jurrane Remix)
28. Space Raven – The Leaving Dove (Original Alternate Ending Mix)


Enjoy the mix. And enjoy the spring very soon.

I’ve got quite a lot of plans for the following weeks – including Supersaw 2 synth, another production, tribute mix, real DJ decks and even my master thesis that may be related to sound – so much to do :). Keep in touch.