Ruska – Saimaa Remix is out!

Ta-da, my first release is live! That was possible thanks to remix contest organised by Black Lemon Records, which I won.

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It is 20th production till date and yes, it’s progressive (house?) track. Moreover, this trancy break cut is pretty unfortunate and unrelated to original.

But trust me, it’s a great artistic endeavour. With groove!


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Forever Underground

Well, that’s the name of my latest track prepared for a music contest. It’s now free for download.

The contest was about creating track with extensive use of delivered samples from Warsaw Metro. It was quite a challenge to fit them into a proper trance track, so the result is somewhat original. I tried to use synths sparingly to make space for other sounds. All the percussion and FX are made out of samples. There is also part of the kick, nice granular pad delivered by contest host as Ableton rack, and my specialty – Roland-style supersaw created out of train siren sample 🙂

As you notice, orchestration is very rich and so is melody, I just tried to show a whole array of sounds instead of sending one-trick pony someone might like or not.

The track was highlighted as “finalist”, though I didn’t win. The top was dominated by some deep / drone / ambient stuff as well as some more groovy D’n’B made almost out of samples alone. In fact I’m the only who used a number of synths and some apparent melody.

The host also said the track is greatly mixed. In fact I finally found a simple trick which allows me to use arbitrary sounds nicely. Enjoy it 🙂

Sky Sound – Stairway To Heaven (Warmonger Remix)

This is the remix for competition hosted by D.MAX Recordings. Simple and straightforward, big and banging.

I made it quite a while ago. Since that entry I learned quite a lot about mixdown and mastering, then decided to rework it. This is brand new version I’m proud of.

Ahh, and it’s free for download, enjoy!

Probably the last tune I’m going to share it in foreseeable future.

Entering We Love Trance DJ Contest

I passed to final round of We Love Trance contest. Three out of 12 finalists will be able to play at upcoming party on 9th May.Check my entry live mix:


01. Tom Rogers – Frozen (Original Mix)
02. Rob Corbo – Keep Rising (Skyborn Remix)
03. James Kelly – 400 (Extrema 400 Official Anthem)
04. TrancEye – Two Different Worlds (Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff Remix)
05. Danny Legato – Function (Javy X Remix)
06. Matt Skyer – Necromancy (Original Mix)
07. Natlife feat. Muhib Khan – Elenda (Aero 201 Darker Mix)
08. N20 vs. Cell X – Alive (Will Rees Remix)
09. Allura – A Heartfelt Cry (Original Mix)
10. Matt Bukovski feat. Cynthia Hall – Slave To Doubt (Original Mix)
11. Allen Watts & Mike Van Fabio – Velvet Blue (Original Mix)
12. Kinetica & Mike Sanders – Andromeda (Original Mix)
13. Skyvol – Neptune (Original Mix)

Unfortunatelly the public voting is decided by number of followers DJs already have. All I can do here is to get some attention from random strangers. Still, you can support me in poll here:


Ocean Star Empire – Woven Drops (Warmonger Remix)

My entry for remix competition is ready!

It’s been published for a few days now, but it took a while to get any response from OSE themselves. Not yet sure what will happen next, but I can share with you what I have now.

The version you hear is my own quickly mastered version. OSE got it unmastered as they wanted. The track is uploaded full length, but downloading is disabled to leave some options for release.

As to the track itself – I wasn’t sure what to do, so I made everything at once. You can hear some agressive psy-tech banging at 140 BPM, but also typical progressive break and huge dancy supersaw, which is my trademark now 🙂 Overall, I tried to balance the melodic and club part, keep it twisted but not noisy. I believe it makes sense. Ahh, it’s also my best track to date. In fact, every next becomes better and better.

The downside is, I already know what could be improved in this one – the bass has been crippling me since forever, but for other reasons I considered. This will be fixed (already is) in next project, which I don’t reaveal at the moment for greater suspense 😉

A few more words about production in general. Many producers just keep saying: “choose right kick”, “make right bass”, “add right loops with some reverb”. So far I believed they can’t really explain what they are doing, possibly not understand it either and just trust the blind luck. But in fact, this is how the production looks like. With some experience you just know what is next step, what will work together and what will not. From among infinite number of options, you choose the right ones and move forward quickly. Track composing becomes less perfecting the matserpiece and more like throwing random ideas and tweaking them to work together. Anyhow. It’s like managing chaos. You will surely notice it in Woven Drops remix – just a ton of catchy sounds blended and glued just to work well together, now matter how weird the result is. But it just works. The amount of chaos and predictability even out, what makes track original yet acceptable.

Music creation is always balancing between two extremes. To succeed, you need to know what makes sounds feel similiar and dissimiliar. Then just balance it for the right result.