Entering We Love Trance DJ Contest

I passed to final round of We Love Trance contest. Three out of 12 finalists will be able to play at upcoming party on 9th May.Check my entry live mix:


01. Tom Rogers – Frozen (Original Mix)
02. Rob Corbo – Keep Rising (Skyborn Remix)
03. James Kelly – 400 (Extrema 400 Official Anthem)
04. TrancEye – Two Different Worlds (Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff Remix)
05. Danny Legato – Function (Javy X Remix)
06. Matt Skyer – Necromancy (Original Mix)
07. Natlife feat. Muhib Khan – Elenda (Aero 201 Darker Mix)
08. N20 vs. Cell X – Alive (Will Rees Remix)
09. Allura – A Heartfelt Cry (Original Mix)
10. Matt Bukovski feat. Cynthia Hall – Slave To Doubt (Original Mix)
11. Allen Watts & Mike Van Fabio – Velvet Blue (Original Mix)
12. Kinetica & Mike Sanders – Andromeda (Original Mix)
13. Skyvol – Neptune (Original Mix)

Unfortunatelly the public voting is decided by number of followers DJs already have. All I can do here is to get some attention from random strangers. Still, you can support me in poll here:



Charts, fans and all this mess

Since I’ve been posting music both on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, I can note some observations:

1. There are no rules. You can never know what people will enjoy and what they won’t.

2. Nobody will listen to your promo mixes. However, people will give the most likes to some shit you were afraid to ever share in public.

3. All the music you find the best will get the least listens.

4. The more plays for certain piece, the less likes it gets.

5. People who tell you that you’re amazing and what not are very likely to not follow you at all and leave the website altogether just in a few days.

6. Most of people who visit your webpage were actually googling for cooking receipe and not the music of any kind, especially not the one that you play.

That being said, I’m climbing up on Mixcloud charts every week. Good music always will find its way to the top 😉

Still, if you came on this page on purpose, please follow me on Facebook, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Lots of good stuff coming all the time.

Dance 2 Trance (Episode 003) 16.07.2014

So much tech.


01. Andy Moor – Fade To Light (ReOrder Remix)
02. Steve Raw – Amelia (Original Mix)
03. Hassan Jewel – Perception (Nivaya Remix)
04. Marcprest – Dreaming Of You (Devious Minds Remix)
05. Memory Loss – Doppler Effect (Dreamy’s Techier Remix)
06. Memory Loss – Radiant Moon (Ally Brown Remix)
07. Ico pres. Twisted Design – Cursed (TrancEye Remix)
08. Sinerider & Materia – Supercell
09. Kinetica – The Stalker (Original Mix)
10. Jens Jakob – Magnesium (Original Mix)
11. Farzam – Last Word (Original Mix)
12. Classic: Ian Betts & Oceanforce – Polarise (Original Mix)

Another part of my radioshow. However, to call it a radio-show, the radio needs an audience. It turns out that our server is regularly breaking down and listeners are running low. This wouldn’t be the worst, but it seems unlikely to be fixed for now.

So, despice decent radio lineup and care about show quality, we’re not going to get any popularity until technical issues are sorted out.

On the other hand, it’s always better to have at least one listener than to have none at all. I wouldn’t make any other set if not this radioshow.

Either way, to actually get a fanbase and get noticed, I must get back to production.

Facebook profile launched

It’s the high time to start my official page on Facebook. Since everybody is here and all the action takes place there, there is no other way than just to join in.

And here it is: Warmonger of Facebook

The interesting thing is that back in 2007, pretty much all of my fans and Myspace followers were random people from all over the world who found me in the internet boards or just listened to radioshow aired globally. Few years ago trance scene in Poland was lamost non-existent and none of my friends listened to it or even knew such thin exists.

Now it’s all the other way round, everybody who followed myprofile so far is  a friend from Poland who I know personally. Seems that I can’t get both, at leats not all at once. Or maybe it’s the sign of times. Or even, I’m getting socialized so people don’t run away from me anymore.

Either way, join my Facebook fan page for more content coming soon.

Orju.net has launched!

Orju.net is a music production site that continues with former The Serious Sound Network community.

Unfortunatelly, since few months ago our guru and admin, Xe-Cute, has passed, we need to abandom old forums and move to another place.

Orju.net is currently in beta stage, however with the addition of all the amazing WordPress features, it feels more clear and more functional that old TSSN, which was already good.

The main purpose of site is to share tutorials, production tips, plugins and samples, and of course to promote the music itself. Discussion board is also there of course, but former TSSN has alays been famous for its extensive database of useful content and not just chit-chat. I recommend this site for everyone who wants to improve knowledge about electronic music production.

I also contribute to the board myself, so meet me on Orju.net 🙂