2017 roundup

That was a good year. 3 New tracks released, many more produced, more followers and plays. There’s also new Youtube channel and finally other people are interested in promoting my stuff, at least to some extent. In general, I’m getting some recognition within the scene.

I also set up new PC, finalized my plugin setup, established workflow and finally made VIP 3.0 working. More on the latter in future posts.

The remix of Rompasso – Angetenar is about to top the number of Soundcloud plays of any year before in total, which is incredible. Youtube is doing pretty well so far, too.

Soundcloud 2017

Now, the downsides. Getting signed or at least getting any response from label at all still seems to be more difficult and take more time that actually producing stuff. But well, nobody said it will be easy. If the music is good, eventually someone has to sign it, right?

Wordpress Stats 2017

The blog you’re reading right now got drop in number of views this year. Apparently soundware, analyses or personal opinions attract more readers that actually produced music. Even if the music is signed, and my posts potentially could be totally made up and worthless :P. It’s fine, though, I definitelly have plans to add some tutorials in the future, possibly using new Youtube channel.

There are few tracks already made and waiting for labels. I’ll get back to production next year, once I’m done with additional preparations. Also waiting for Live 10 to come out.

DJ mixes? Not too many of them so far, but I have a plenty of music waiting and could do some if I find time.

Happy new year.

5000 blog visits

Another milestone reached! This blog got over 5000 visits. I also hit over 2500 plays on Soundcloud  and over 1250 on Mixcloud.

The traffic slowly but gradualy goes up, which means you trust me and come back for some more interesting content. There are at least 3 things I’d like to share with you and which are already finished.

Suprisingly, the very most popular post is recent Ableton rack. This shows I have some future in soundware creation.

Stay tuned!

Why did I fail and why

The double “why” suggests there is double-thick layer of depth in this post. Read on.

Why did I fail? What has gone wrong?

Some weeks ago I decided to make simple and straightforward track in my favourite style. I wanted to test (and master) the technique. I had only rough idea about style of track I was going to create and its name – Applied Magic. You know this one already.

And I got what I wanted. Technically perfect, clear tune with fine-tuned sounds. Each of them is beautiful on their own, however they don’t make a composition as a whole. The break is when it all breaks down. The track is uninspired, too long, boring and doesn’t attract enough attention. Nobody likes it, including myself.

In just 10 days, Applied Magic scored as many listens as my other two tunes which are over 2 months old. But not a single person favourited it. This is the tune that can be no different than hundreds of others.

It isn’t an excuse that many labels and producers atually release tunes that are copy-paste of another one and are forgotten as soon as played. But I want to do better!!

Again, why did I fail? What was the reason?

Recently I discovered Kim Lajoie’s blog, which is amazing. The guy gives dozens of technicla tips and tricks that help in production, but not only. As much important, if not more, are the posts about wide area of inspiration, motivation and creativity. Some of them are simple and I agree with them, others were mindblowing. Better check it all on your own, while I write down what I came up with. To suceed in production, you need to:

  • Know what to do. There is no other way. Understand your direction, purpose, motivation, inspiration. Have precisely defined goal and head towards it. Sounds can be tweaked, skills can be improved, problems can be solved. But inspiration is irreplaceable. If you don’t what what you are doing, chance to succeed is low.
  • Know what not to do. If you are doing things that don’t help you achieve the goal, you are wasting your time. And motivation. Working hard doesn’t feel that hard if you see progress. Working just a little can, however, be tiring if you don’t. Always consider your goals. Focus on most important parts of production. Don’t try to fix something that’s not broken. Do not try to solve problems that do not exist. Understand the issue and find the solution. Experience helps a lot, too, but to get some experience you must eventually do things right. One can not learn if one doesn’t see area for improvement.

Possibly, these tips apply to many areas other than music production. If only your dream was not to work at greengrocer’s, you may find them inspiring.

That given, I want to do some more. There are many ideas I would like to realize. Been doing some sophisticated and ambitious projects already and I’m ready to take new challenges.

If you want to be best artist in the world, you can’t just create things similiar to others. You need to bring new quality and new ideas, improving what is already popular. Just in a week I’m going to try it 🙂

1000 visits, 1000 plays

Yes! Today is a major milestone, my Soundcloud page scored 1000 tracks played in total. This ia quite a significant amount and I believe it will be growing next year. The number of “1000” is actually much more than total number of plays for all the tracks listed, as many of earlier previews were removed. Thank your for your patience and tolerance to unfinished tracks 😉

Secondly, my blog launched in January got well over 1000 visits. Suprisingly, most referers seem to look for my plugins, especially Supersaw synth. Since as I see now, they are far from polished, this hopefully indicates I can make a career of sound engineer in the future. Learning new things every day, all of them help to create better sounds. The road does not end here!

Facebook profile launched

It’s the high time to start my official page on Facebook. Since everybody is here and all the action takes place there, there is no other way than just to join in.

And here it is: Warmonger of Facebook

The interesting thing is that back in 2007, pretty much all of my fans and Myspace followers were random people from all over the world who found me in the internet boards or just listened to radioshow aired globally. Few years ago trance scene in Poland was lamost non-existent and none of my friends listened to it or even knew such thin exists.

Now it’s all the other way round, everybody who followed myprofile so far is  a friend from Poland who I know personally. Seems that I can’t get both, at leats not all at once. Or maybe it’s the sign of times. Or even, I’m getting socialized so people don’t run away from me anymore.

Either way, join my Facebook fan page for more content coming soon.

First post

After endless problems on Myspace, I decided to restart my Blog with some more reliable host. Hello WordPress!

In case you somehow stumbled upon this blog and have no idea what it is about, here’s quick list:

  •  Music. The very best trance music possible. My own stuff or some highlights I find worthy.
  • DJ Sets. The blog has “DJ” in the title, eh?
  • Synthesizers and synthesis
  • Anything music-related I come up with

As I’m writting this post, WordPress looks and feels pretty good, so maybe I will stay here for a while. Stay tuned!