Progressive Mix 2017-02-26

I got suprisingly nice feedback after my previous mix, so decided to do some more. Here’s quick progressive mix. I don’t have a time yet for 2-hour Moments of Peace podcast, so I recorded something shorter – but this time live. Enjoy.


01. Holbrook & SkyKeeper – Fade To Black (Original Mix)
02. Ruska – Saimaa (Warmonger Remix)
03. Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila ft. Sue McLaren – Guardian (Sunset Mix)
04. LTN And Arielle Maren – A Little Perspective
05. Alex Byrka & Jay Flora feat. Tanya Lindsgrey – Magic (Bilal El Aly Remix)
06. Jochan Morrisen – September (Original Mix)
07. Aison – Moon Drops (Original Mix)
08. Tommy Baynen – Purple Sunset Over The Meadow (Bee Hunter Remix)
09. Alter Future – To The Stars (Original Mix)
10. Hazem Beltagui And Aneym – Passengers (Harryson Remix)
11. Andre H – Grey Flowers (Original Mix)
12. Addictive Glance – Head North (Legolas High Remix)
13. Alex V – The Extasy (Original Mix)
14. AMR feat. Stefanie Pereira – Hear Them Sing (Hanski Remix)

Notice this track features my first release of Ruska – Saimaa remix. It is also doing suprisingly well on Beatport 🙂


And no, I won’t get a cent for it. The contract was given only to the winner of first place – which is not me. Either way, who’s the man now? (:

Either way, I’d heading for another Spring Mix on March 22.


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