Psytrance Mix 2017-02-04

Didn’t record anything for a while, here it is. Full-on psytrance, banging tracks and weird stuff.

Despite I spent quite some time picking these tracks, each of them seems to be mastered completely different. It is very difficult to make consistent transitions with weird material like that live. Or I’m just getting old. At least a lot is going on in this set, maybe that’s an advantage for you?


01. Beatspy – The Eye Of The Desert
02. H-Sunrise – Telepathic Anecdotics (Original Mix)
03. Jonathan Allyn – Lightwave (Magnus Remix)
04. Starlab, Middle Mode – Celestial Beings (Original Mix)
05. Doppler Shift & Zatzak – Berzerk
06. Rewind – Humanity Reaction
07. Jonathan Allyn – Active Minds (Original Mix)
08. MaxRevenge vs. LTM – Wasteland (Stephane Badey Remix)
09. Christopher Lawrence, No Comment – Horizon (Original Mix)
10. Deliriant – Disobey
11. Audiofire (UK) – Beat Of The Drum
12. Makida – Samurai (Original Mix)
13. 4Weekend – Multiverse (Original Mix)
14. Out Of Range – Alona
15. Kessler & Mazzar – DMTness (Original Mix)
16. Neo 7 – Giza (Willy Edit)
17. Astrix – Tweaky (Avalon Full On Remix)
18. 1200 Micrograms – Speed Freak (Original Mix)
19. ID-S – My Mantra
20. Cower – La Tracosa (Original Mix)

Trivia note: all tracks are in G#. There’s only phrygian in psy world.

Also, I finally sorted out my collections. There is a good chance more sets will be coming in following weeks.


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