Practice, practice, practice

I didn’t make any new music lately, but it’s intentional decision.

I must admit I’ve been impatient. Wanted to make amazing tunes immediately years ago. It takes a lot of time and practice, though.

Over the years I got quite smooth with synthesis and arrangement. Mixdown is an endless yourney. I didn’t take time, though, to learn to actually play any instrument – be it keys, drums or even guitar. I’ve got that Push for over 2 years now and used only most basic features – unike people on Youtube who make entire track with it.

For that reason I decided to make entire track with Push only. It might not be suitable for fully-blown melodic trance arrangement, but seems to do well for progressive music. The next track will be 128 BPM and I’ll share it for free – so don’t care what it eventually turns out to be.

Then I need to play drum pads and eventually practice more with keyboard. It will all pay back – ability to play ideas from your head can’t be covered with any plugins in existence or technical knowledge.

At the same time, I’m expanding my studio this year. The gear will be waiting here till I’m ready.


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