Moments of Peace 04

Another episode of progressive podcast. This time it turned out more deep rather than chilled, but it’s just as good as usual. Only minor keys – perfect for long winter nights.


01. Sound Quelle – Allarg (Original Mix)
02. JayB – Reverberation (Deep Mix)
03. Flynn & Denton – Second Chapter (Gai Barone Remix)
04. Reiklavik – Hex (Nkoder Remix)
05. Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Not Enough (Thomas Vink Remix)
06. Chris Deep – Step Forward
07. Laniakea – Free Fall (Original Mix)
08. Schodt – Gianni (Sundriver Remix)
09. Jallen – Blue Horizons
10. Rich Smith, Kimberly Hale – When the Sun Comes Up (Original Mix)
11. 2loop & EvGen FM – Sand Castles (Original Mix)
12. Roman Babanov – Sunny Summer (Original Mix)
13. Laniakea – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
14. Red Sun Rising – Moments When We Wonder
15. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (You Are My Salvation Remix)
16. Jean Pierre Mirage – Athos (Original Mix)
17. DJ Deny – Mind Trick (Rangga Electroscope Remix)
18. Airforlife feat. Sam Vince – Summer Love (Chill Mix)
19. Jeremy Vancaulart, Assaf feat. Laura Aqui – The Space Between
20. Aigio Vono – Yuki (Original Mix)
21. The Green Martian – A Last One For The Road (Gary Delaney Oldschool Remix)
22. Roman Hope – LTA
23. Vasiliy Goodkov – Amethyst (Original Mix)
24. Lence & Pluton – Shine (Original Mix)
25. Matt Holliday – New Leaf (Original Mix)
26. Forerunners – Fading Signs (Original Mix)
27. Furkan Senol – Lost (Original Mix)
28. Hazem Beltagui – The Unbroken (Original Mix)

Thanks to this set I already was asked to do a guestmix. More info next week!


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