2015 roundup

Not everyone in the world enjoys stats, but I do. Especially when they go up. In the modern world it doesn’ really matter who you are and what you do, but how many followers do you have.

This blog noted significant visitors growth, reaching almost 3000 page clicks. This is despite lowest number of blog posts made this year.

Wordpress 2015

The most popular post was new Ableton rack. Also, people seem to look for detailed articles and tutorials rather than my own artistic creativity. Such is life. No one needs an artist, but everyone needs professionals ;). I got some plans for next year, including  a series of video tutorials. We will see how it turns out.

Figures look even better in case of Soundcloud, which grew up by 50%. This is despite the fact the number of followers is pretty much stuck at same number.

Soundcloud 2015

Maybe it’s because there were more tracks posted. I can make them quickly and still have 2 finished tunes I didn’t share in public yet. The most popular track was “Casting Shadows” which was literally made in 3 working days. I must try to repeat it 100 times in the following year 😉

Also, I participated in 2 production and 2 DJ contest, getting twice to finals and winning the latter. That’s why you’ll hear me on EOYC2015 tommorow at 10.00 am CET.

Happy new year!


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